36 CFR §2.17 Through 36 CFR §2.21

36 CFR §2.17 - Aircraft and Air Delivery

  • See §7.34(c)

36CFR §2.18 - Snowmobiles

(b) The use of snowmobiles within the boundaries of the Blue Ridge Parkway is prohibited.

      • The use of snowmobiles is not consistent with the park's natural, cultural, scenic, and aesthetic values. Snowmobile use has not historically been a frequent activity, and safety concerns outweigh the interests of a small user group. In winter time, the motor road is frequently closed to motorized traffic, either by posting signs or closing gates. During these closures, visitors enjoy walking, skiing, and other activities that would be disturbed and rendered unsafe by the use of snowmobiles in that same area.

36 CFR §2.19 - Winter Activities

(a) Park roads and/or parking areas closed to motor vehicle traffic may be used for skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, ice climbing, inner-tubing, tobogganing, and similar winter activities. Animal drawn vehicles are prohibited at all times on park roads.

36 CFR §2.20- Skating, Skateboards and Similar Devices

The use of roller skates, skateboards, hover boards, roller skis, coasting vehicles, non-motorized scooters, or similar devices are allowed only in the following area(s):

  • Parkway residential areas

      • Use is permitted in residential areas in order for employees and their families to engage in roller skating, skateboarding, and similar activities. Such use does not pose a threat to park resources or impose a risk to park visitors.

36 CFR §2.21 - Smoking

(a) Smoking in all buildings and facilities is prohibited with the following exceptions:

No Exceptions.

  • The outdoor plaza, the bridge, and the Amphitheater, though outdoors, are considered facilities of the BRMC and the Blue Ridge Parkway. The BRMC staff may elect to designate smoking areas that are not likely to cause conflict with other visitors. The size and location of any proposed smoking areas is subject to change based on the size and distribution of the event/concert crowd.


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