36 CFR 2.13 Fires

a)(1) The lighting or maintaining of fires is generally prohibited, except as provided for in the following designated areas and/or receptacles, and under the conditions noted:

  • Designated Areas:

    • All park campgrounds in allowed receptacle (Does not apply to sites along the Mountains to Sea Trail (MST)).

    • Established picnic areas in allowed receptacle

    • Backcountry areas with a permit: Johns River Road, Basin Cove and CCC Camp at Rock Castle Gorge.

    • Employee residential areas in allowed receptacle

    • Humpback Rocks area adjacent to the Appalachian Trail

    • Peaks of Otter Lodge – Fire ring located behind the restaurant.

  • Receptacles Allowed:

    • Receptacles designed for containing open flames or for the purpose of cooking food. Including gas-powered stoves and grills, portable charcoal grills, canned-heat devices and established fire rings.

    • Used charcoal should be disposed of in the existing fire receptacles in developed campgrounds and picnic areas. Disposal in trash receptacles is prohibited.

  • Established Conditions for Fires:

    • The Superintendent may impose emergency fire restrictions during periods of high fire danger.

      • The backcountry permit is adequate control for authorized fires in backcountry camping areas. Fires in established picnic grounds, residential areas, and campgrounds, if contained in park-provided fireplaces or grills brought by visitors, present no danger to park resources. Confining open fires in developed areas to picnic grounds, residential areas, and campgrounds allows for a safe and suitable disposal site for fire residue. Gas stoves are permitted wherever picnicking or camping is allowed, as they carry very minimal risk of wildfire. Further restrictions must be imposed during periods of high fire danger to minimize the threat of uncontrolled fire.

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Last updated: July 28, 2020

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