36 CFR §3.21 Swimming and Bathing

(a)(1) All Parkway waters are closed to swimming and bathing.

      • Parkway waters have been determined to be unsuitable and unsafe for swimming or bathing. No suitable beaches are provided, water quality is unknown, and numerous underwater hazards exist. Swimming is not compatible with the aesthetic character of Parkway waters that is a vital part of the Parkway visitor's experience.

(d)(3) Boating

  • See section 36 CFR §7.34(c) for boating on Price Lake

  • The use of boats or any buoyant device used by persons for floatation is prohibited in the following waters:

    • Abbott Lake

    • Rock Castle Creek

    • Sims Pond

    • Otter Creek

    • Little Glade Mill Pond

    • Linville River

    • Bass Lake

    • Trout Lake

    • Otter Lake

    • Hare Mill Pond

    • Rakes Mill Pond

    • Boone Fork River

      • Boats are restricted from many Parkway waters due to conflicts with public enjoyment and lack of adequate launching areas. These lakes were created as an element of a cultural landscape and not for the purpose of providing boating opportunities.
  • The use of any propulsion device on a boat used in waters open for boating must be approved by the Superintendent.


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Last updated: July 28, 2020

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