• Mount Rainier peeks through clouds, viewed across subalpine wildflowers and glacial moraine.

    Mount Rainier

    National Park Washington

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  • Nisqually to Paradise Delays

    Road construction from the Nisqually Entrance to Longmire. Expect a 30-minute delay, Monday through Friday. More »

  • High Water & Inclement Weather Create Hazardous River Crossings

    Several Wonderland trail bridges on the White River and Carbon River have been washed out by high water. Be advised that some crossings will need to be forded, and in some cases may be impassable while inclement conditions continue. More »

Trails of Mount Rainier


Hiking & Backcountry Camping Information
Wilderness Permits - required for all overnight camping.
Current Trail Conditions
Climbing Information

***All hiking distances are round-trip.***

Northwest Area Trails
- Carbon & Mowich

Carbon Glacier Trail (17 miles)
Green Lake Trail (10.8 miles)
Golden Lakes Trail (20.4 miles)

Lake James Trail (27 miles)

Moraine Park Trail (21 miles)

Mystic Lake Trail (20.8 miles)

Northern Loop Trail (45 miles)

Spray Park Trail (6 miles)

Tolmie Peak Trail (6.5 miles)

Northeast Area Trails
- Sunrise, White River, & Tipsoo

Burroughs Mountain Trail (7 miles)

Crystal Lakes Trail (6 miles)

Glacier Basin Trail (7 miles)
Mystic Lake via Sunrise Trail (21 miles)

Mt Fremont Lookout Trail (5.5 miles)

Naches Peak Loop Trail (3.5 miles)

Owyhigh Lakes Trail (7 miles)

Pacific Crest Trail (10.5 miles)

Palisades Lakes Trail (7 miles)

Summerland Trail (8.5 miles)

Southwest Area Trails
- Longmire & Paradise

Bench & Snow Lake Trail (2.5 miles)

Comet Falls Trail (3.8 miles)

Eagle Peak Trail (7.2 miles)
Emerald Ridge Trail (17.2 miles)

Gobblers Knob Trail (12.8 miles)

Indian Henry's Hunting Ground
(via Kautz Creek - 11.5 miles)

Indian Henry's Hunting Ground
(from Longmire - 13 miles)

Klapatche Park Trail (21 miles)

Lake George Trail (9.8 miles)

Pinnacle Peak Trail (2.5 miles)

Rampart Ridge Trail (4.6 miles)

Skyline Trail (5 miles)

Van Trump Park Trail (5.8 miles)

Southeast Area Trails
- Ohanapecosh

Indian Bar Trail (14.5 miles)

Shriner Peak Trail (8 miles)

Silver Falls Trail (3 miles)

Three Lakes Trail (12 miles)

Other Trails
The Wonderland Trail
Day Hiking & Family Nature Trails

Did You Know?

Mount Rainier summit with Mount Adams in the distance.

At 14,410 feet, Mount Rainier is the highest peak in the Cascade Range. From various locations around the park you can see four other Cascade volcanoes: Mount Saint Helens, Mount Adams, Mount Baker, and Glacier Peak. On a clear day, you can see the tip of Mount Hood, in northern Oregon, from Paradise Meadows.