Klapatche Park Trail

Trail route from Westside Road past Emerald Ridge to Klapatche Park / SW.

A map of the Klapatche Park Trail route from Westside Road, Nisqually entrance.  Use of a topographic map of the area is recommended.


Trail Description:

Distance, round-trip:

19.2 miles

Elevation gain:

1700 feet

Hiking time, round-trip:

2 days

Wilderness camps:

Klapatche Park


This high meadow is a favorite for many hikers. It is surmised that the name Klapatche is of Indian origin but the exact meaning has been lost.

One mile east of the Nisqually Entrance is the Westside Road junction. Turn here and continue up the Westside Road to where it ends (approximately 3 miles from the start of the road). Hike up the closed portion of the road to the trailhead (approximately 4 miles) at South Puyallup River Trail.

The trail follows the South Puyallup River 1.8 miles to the junction with the Wonderland Trail. Take the Wonderland Trail north 3.9 miles, climbing a series of steep switchbacks to reach St. Andrews Park and then on to Klaptache Park.

Along the Trail:

Klapatche Park features a serene mountain lake, meadows abundant with subalpine wildflowers, and grand views of Mount Rainier.


The campsites at Klapatche Park are some of the most popular in the park and are often full on summer weekend nights. The camp is in the forest along the edge of the meadow just north of Aurora Lake. When Aurora Lake dries up in summer, St. Andrews Lake, located 0.75 mile east along the Wonderland Trail, is the closest water source. Permits are required for camping. Permits and current trail conditions are available park-wide from wilderness information centers, ranger stations, and visitor centers. Fires are prohibited. No pets on trails. Treat water before drinking.

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