Tolmie Peak Trail

Trail route from Mowich Lake to Tolmie Peak / NW.

A map of the Tolmie Peak Trail route from Mowich Lake. Use of a topographic map of area is recommended.


Trail Description:

Distance, round-trip:

6.5 miles

Elevation gain:

1010 feet

Hiking time, round-trip:

3 hours

Wilderness camps:



In 1833, Dr. William Tolmie sailed from London to Fort Vancouver where he awaited assignment. After seeing "The Mountain," he was captivated and subsequently made a visit to collect "herbs of which to make medicine." Research now shows that Tolmie actually ascended Hessong Rock.

Take SR 165 to the Mowich Lake Road. After driving almost 17 miles on this rough and dusty gravel road, hikers are ready to find the trailhead. It is located on the left at the lake.

The trail begins at the north side of Mowich Lake. It leads hikers 1.25 miles through the forest to a trail junction, first downhill, then steeply uphill 1.0 mile to Eunice Lake. The last mile from Eunice Lake to Tolmie Peak Lookout is steep but well worth the effort!

The subalpine meadows and shore around Eunice Lake are easily damaged. Try to minimize your impact on this delicate environment by hiking only on the constructed trails and resting or picnicking on rocks near the trail.

Along the Trail:

Eunice Lake and Tolmie Peak Lookout offer spectacular views of Mount Rainier and the surrounding areas.


Neither Tolmie Peak nor Eunice Lake have wilderness camps. Current trail conditions are available at park-wide from wilderness information centers, ranger stations, and visitor centers. Treat water before drinking. Fires are prohibited. No pets on trails.

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