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A hiker rests along the Green River at Jones Hole.
A hiker rests along the Green River at Jones Hole.
Dan Johnson

Hiking in Dinosaur is an excellent way to appreciate the park's scenery and rugged landscape. The most popular trails begin near the visitor centers and the two paved tour roads. Other trails begin at more remote locations.

Remember that you are in the desert! Bring plenty of water, a good sun hat and sunscreen. Make sure someone knows where you are going and when you are due back, especially if you are hiking in a remote area. Pets are not allowed on most trails or in the backcountry. Please make arrangements for your pets before planning to hike within the monument.

Quarry and Cub Creek Area Trails (Utah Side of Monument)
Fossil Discovery Trail (1.2 miles) River Trail (2 miles)
Sound of Silence Trail (3 miles) Box Canyon Trail (½ mile)
Desert Voices Trail (1½ miles) Hog Canyon Trail (1½ miles)
Harpers Corner Road Area Trails (Colorado Side of Monument)
Cold Desert Trail (½ mile) Ruple Point Trail (4¾ miles)
Plug Hat Trail (¼ mile - accessible) Harpers Corner Trail (1½ miles)
Remote Trails
Bull Canyon Trail (1.5 miles) Gates of Lodore Trail (¾ mile)
Island Park Trail (8 miles) Jones Hole Trail (4¼ miles)

Off-trail hiking
Off trail hiking is a great way to experience some of Dinosaur's most remote and spectacular scenery, but you need to have both the skills and equipment to do this safely. More information…

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