• Camarasus skull in the cliff face, rafters on the Green River, McKee Springs petroglyphs


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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Quarry Exhibit Hall reopen?

October 4, 2011. For more information click here.

I heard that the Quarry Visitor Center is no longer part of the same building as the Quarry Exhibit Hall?

That is correct. Leaking water lines played a role in the bentonite soil expansion that badly damaged the former visitor center/quarry. The new visitor center is now located 1/2 mile down the hill from the quarry on a more stable soil layer. The quarry visitor center is open but the Quarry Exhibit Hall is closed until October 4th, 2011.

Did You Know?

Photo of tilted rock layers at sunrise.

Dinosaur National Monument's geology is a feast for the mind and the eye. The rock layers, which have been tilted by folding, expose a variety of colors and textures.