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Emerald Pools Retaining Wall

Zion National Park is being cared for today and for future generations by the National Park Service. Protecting our natural and cultural heritage while ensuring that visitors have a safe, enjoyable, and educational experience is expensive. As the number of visitors to parks continues to climb, government funding available for necessities such as road and building repairs, campground maintenance, visitor protection, resource protection and other services has not kept pace with demand.

In 2004, to address these needs, Congress signed the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA) which allows the U.S. Department of the Interior to implement an interagency Fee Program in three of its agencies-the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The program also includes the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Forest Service. The program directs funds collected from park visitors towards the maintenance of the facilities they are utilizing.

Zion National Park is a participant in the Interagency Recreational Fee Program. The program authorizes Zion National Park to keep up to 80% of the fees collected. These funds have been and will continue to be used for maintenance, repair projects, public service programs, signage, and natural and historical resource preservation, as listed below. The remaining revenue is generally distributed to parks that do not collect fees but have similar needs and to fund other servicewide initiatives.

2016 Projects

  • Provide Stewardship by Restoring Hanging Gardens for Improved Visitor Experience and Education
  • Repair Rock Wall Masonry on Canyon's Busiest Trails
  • Repair Boundary Fence at Lameroux Ranch and Hop Valley
  • Repair and Maintain Route 13-Kolob Canyon Scenic Drive
  • Repair West Zion Plateau Trails
  • Create Educational Digital Plant Photograph Library for Park Website
  • Resurface and Replace Watchman Campground Roads
  • Provide Accesible Components in Watchman Campground
  • Rehabilitate Shuttle Stop Comfort Station Interiors at Visitor Center and Lodge
  • Produce and Install Wayside Exhibits
  • Design and Build Three New South Entrance Stations
  • Replace Safety Railing on Main Canyon Trails
  • Install Parking Counter and Tracking System in Visitor Center Parking Lot
  • Remove Fire Prone Vegetation at Watchman Campground Loops A and B for Visitor Safety
  • Phase I of Visitor Use Management Plan to Enhance Visitor Experience and Protect Park Resources

2015 Projects

  • Rehabilitate Watchman Campground's Walk-In Campsites
  • Repair Plateau Trails
  • Prevent Trespass Livestock Through Construction of Boundary Fences
  • Repair and Maintain Trail Bridges Throughout the Park
  • Removal of Invasive Weed Species
  • Manage and Develop Park Digital Resources and Social Media
  • Conduct Wilderness Ethic Workshops to Visitors, Ensuring Safety, and Enjoyment
  • Microseal Visitor Center Parking Lot

2014 Projects

  • Improve Visitor Experience by Eliminating Exotic Plants that Puncture Tires in Developed Areas
  • Rehabilitate and Replace Park Vault Toilets
  • Repair Observation Point and Pa'rus Trails
  • Repair East Side Zion Plateau Trails
  • Repair Rock Wall Masonry on Riverside Walk, Emerald Pools, and Pa'rus Trails
  • Repair Boundary Fence at Horse Ranch and Sunset Ranch
  • Repair Rock Wall Masonry on Route 10
  • Maintain and Repair Non-Paved Park Roads
  • Protect Zion's Natural Resources Through Construction of Boundary Fence
  • Develop Wilderness Orientation Program
  • Rehabilitate Historical Stone Walls, Tred Surfaces, and Defective Railings
  • Prune and Eliminate Hazard Trees in Main Canyon
  • Install Riverwater Irrigation System Throughout the South Entrance Area
  • Rehabilitate Zion Visitor Center Plaza
  • Plan, Design, and Replace Zion Canyon Visitor Center Exhibits

2013 Projects

  • Repair and Replace Visitor Center & Campground Irrigation components
  • Develop Park Information in Foreign Language
  • Circulation Study for Zion South Entrance Area
  • Manage and Develop Park Digital Resources and Social Media
  • Upgrade Nature Center Exhibits
  • Replace Wayside Exhibit Panels
  • Develop Youth Programming Materials for Expanded Youth Contacts
  • Install Fire Sprinkler System at Kolob Canyons Visitor Center
  • Develop Wilderness Orientation Program with Touchscreen
  • Repair Northern Boundary Fence
  • Design phase to Rehabilitate Watchman Campground Group Loop
  • Repair and Maintain Zion Canyon Trails-Pa'rus Trail and Emerald Pools Trails
  • Improve Native Habitats in Zion Canyon by removing Tamarisk

Completed Projects

  • Construct and repair Zion Boundary Fence
  • Implement Visitor Center Improvements including redesign of information desk and bookstore areas
  • Repair & Replace Kolob Canyons Septic system parts
  • Repair & Maintain Zion Canyon Trails, including the Emerald Pools
  • Watchman Campground Restrooms
  • Stabilize Cable Mountain Draw Works
  • Rehabilitate Watchman Campground Loops C & D
  • Upgrade Alarm and Surveillance Systems
  • Rehabilitate Grotto Picnic Area
  • Rehabilitate Lava Point Campground & Picnic Area
  • Replace Watchman Campground Water Mains
  • Watchman Campground Restrooms in Loops A, B & C
  • Replaced 4 Zion Canyon shuttles and trailers
  • Repair rock wall masonry
  • Realign Telephone Canyon Trail
  • Replace Carpeting in Kolob Visitor Center
  • Rehabilitate Historic Grotto Museum & Picnic Area

Ongoing Projects

  • Zion Canyon Shuttle System Operations
  • Zion Canyon Campground Operations
  • Print Zion Park Map
  • Repave and Chipseal Park Roads
  • Prune and Remove Hazardous Trees
  • Develop and Print Park Foreign Language Newspapers
  • Electronic Website Enhancements on Park Website, including ranger minute videocasts


Last updated: May 7, 2020

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