Stagecoach traveling on Big Oak Flat Road.
Some early Yosemite visitors (pictured on the Big Oak Flat Road to Yosemite) share stories of perilous journeys over dusty roads on stages clinging to the side of steep slopes. In 1874 and 1875, the Big Oak Flat Road, the Coulterville Road and the Wawona Road were opened--making wagon travel easier.

Historic 1903 photo by J.T. Boysen

The granite cliffs and domes of Yosemite have been witness to human lives for thousands of years. The landscape itself inspired and influenced the events that occurred over time. Yosemite has been a home, a battleground of human conflict and ideas, a destination, a place of recovery, and more.

Exploring these stories gives us new insight into what has made Yosemite National Park into the place it is today.


Last updated: September 20, 2017

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