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Take care of the places that take your breath away.


Take the pledge. Tell a friend. Protect the park.

The Yellowstone Pledge is a personal promise you can make to yourself and the park. It can be taken anywhere: it doesn't need to be taken out loud or in front of anyone. Tag #YellowstonePledge and encourage others to do the same.

To be a steward and help protect myself and the park, I pledge to:

  • Practice safe selfies by never approaching animals to take a picture.
  • Stay on boardwalks in thermal areas.
  • Protect hot springs by not throwing anything into them.
  • Park in designated areas and avoid blocking traffic.
  • Stay with my car if I’m stuck in a wildlife jam.
  • Follow speed limits and pull over to let cars pass.
  • Travel safely in bear country by carrying bear spray, making noise, and hiking in groups.
  • Keep my food away from animals.
  • Recycle what I can and put my garbage in bear-proof containers.
  • Tell a ranger, or call 911, if I see someone whose behavior might hurt them or the park.

Thanks for taking the pledge and showing your dedication to Yellowstone!


Take the Pledge in any of these languages:

做出黄石公园文明旅游的承诺 (Chinese)
Složte yellowstonský slib (Czech)
Engagez-vous pour le Yellowstone ! (French)
Versichern Sie, dass Sie im Yellowstone-Park auf Ihre Sicherheit und die Umwelt achten (German)
Percorrete il Yellowstone Pledge (Italian)
イエローストーンの誓約 (Japanese)
옐로스톤을 위한 약속을 다짐하세요. (Korean)
Asuma el compromiso de Yellowstone. (Spanish)
Дай обещание Yellowstone Pledge (Russian)


Last updated: April 13, 2018

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