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Awards recognize the contributions of National Park Service employees, volunteers, and partners.

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Thousands of employees, volunteers, and partners are committed to ensuring that the National Park System represents America at its best. The men and women who make up the National Park Service embody the spirit of America—dedicated, creative, and hard-working people who care passionately about preserving the lands and cultures that epitomize our shared American heritage.

We're proud of our employees and those who work with us and their dedication and amazing diversity of skills and talents. It is our privilege to recognize and celebrate their outstanding achievements through awards.

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Featured National Awards

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The National Park Service and National Park Foundation hosted a ceremony on August 24, 2022, to honor the recipients of the Director's Service Awards, including the Freeman Tilden Awards, Harry Yount Award, George & Helen Hartzog Awards, James V. Murfin Awards, Wes Henry Awards, and Excellence in Education Awards.

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