April: Connected Conservation

Tap into the power of parks for health with us!

This month we are celebrating the power of parks for health on the theme of connected conservation! We will explore how engaging in conservation efforts positively impacts the health of all living things – including people and the planet.

Opportunities to Engage

cartoon graphic of visitors hiking in a park
  • Become a Park Health Ambassador Today! Experience the Power of Parks for Health and become a Park Health Ambassador by exploring wellness in nature and sharing your experience with others! Join thousands of individuals and organizations in the six-step process and be sure to RSVP your wellness in nature experience. To learn more, visit Wellness in Nature now.

Social Media

We encourage visitors, parks and partners to share your experiences byt using the following hashtags: #PowerOfParksForHealth, #BeforeAndAfterParkRx, #NatureForAll, #HealthForAll.

Last updated: May 3, 2021