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Earth Day is a global celebration encouraging education and stewardship of the planet's natural resources. Whether in a backyard, neighborhood green space, or a magnificent national park, the National Park Service provides opportunities for everyone to discover and enjoy the physical and psychological benefits that come with spending time outdoors. As part of the global theme "Restore Our Earth," the National Park Service is sharing the benefits and work we do with connected conservation.

Earth Day is happening on April 22, 2021, during our annual National Park Week celebration. Join us on social media as we explore the earth sciences and stewardship. Share your Earth Day experiences and favorite memories with parks using #EarthDay and #NationalParkWeek.

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National Park Week

There are even more ways to celebrate National Park Week this year. Each day has a special theme, find yours!

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Join the #RecreateResponsibly Movement

If you are heading to a park to celebrate National Park Week, keep some basic safety tips in mind while you embark on your adventure.

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Find Your Virtual Park

Stay connected with national parks across the country with online resources and virtual experiences from anywhere in the world.

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Image for a "Future of Conservation" Event; detailed alt text is on the webpage
The graphic is an announcement for a virtual event. Text on the graphic reads "The Future of Conservation: Engaging the Next Generation of Public Land Leaders. Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 1:00 PM ET" and includes logos for the National Park Service, The Corps Network, and the National Park Foundation. The image is from the Student Conservation Association.

Additional information about this event is available throughout this webpage.

Join a virtual event, “The Future of Conservation: Engaging the Next Generation of Public Land Leaders,” on Earth Day, April 22 at 1:00 pm ET. Co-hosted by the National Park Service in partnership with The Corps Network and the National Park Foundation, young leaders will share their passion and personal involvement with the conservation movement. Panelists will discuss the impacts and benefits service corps provide to national parks, participants, and local communities. Learn more about the event, including how to register.

Join in Earth Day

Looking for ways to celebrate Earth Day with us? Here are a few suggestions to get started...

  • Learn about earth sciencesExplore nature in national parks to gain knowledge about the planet's incredible resources preserved for current and future generations.
  • Be a steward—Each individual person can make an impact preserving earth's resources through individual volunteering keeping natural spaces clean and using Leave No Trace principles when visiting national parks.
  • For kids—Go on an adventure learning about nature by becoming a Junior Explorer!
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    Art Inspired by Earth

    The natural beauty of the planet has been an inspiration for artists, authors, poets, and other creative minds. Find your muse in nature and share your masterpiece on social media using #EarthDay and #NationalParkWeek.
    Illustration of a whale tail on a park brochure

    Charley Harper’s Posters

    In the 1970s and 1980s, artist Charley Harper created ten iconic illustrations of the life and landscapes of the national parks.

    Screenshot of a hand holding a paint brush painting on a canvas

    Art and Inspiration

    A natural wonder, Denali has a history of inspiring literature, art and music. Join this journey through a transformative landscape.

    Screenshot from film of a person talking near the ocean

    Words on Fire

    Three teen poets from New York City go on an adventure to Fire Island National Seashore to connect with the natural world.

    Screenshot of a person's hands playing guitar

    Wilderness Song: Shenandoah

    The wilderness of the Blue Ridge Mountains has long been a source of artistic inspiration and creativity.

    Connected Conservation

    Connected conservation is a growing global movement recognizing and encouraging working together on conservation efforts across boundaries since we are all interconnected. The National Park Service and our partners have a long history of working with many agencies, organizations, and individuals to preserve America’s treasures and expand opportunities for everyone to experience or enjoy them.

    Bald eagle perched on an outcrop over a valley

    Connected Conservation

    During April, the National Park Service is exploring ways that we all are connected in global conservation and stewardship.

    Screenshot of

    Wilderness Areas Short Film

    The Wilderness Act of 1964 established national network of more than 400 federally-designated wilderness areas.

    Screenshot of a video still of a large marshland in front of the New York City skyline

    Research for a Better Future

    Superstorm Hurricane Sandy struck Gateway National Recreation Area hard, but led to changes in understanding and managing coastal resources.

    Screenshot from a video of a map of Fire Island

    The Breach at Fire Island

    A breach created by Hurricane Sandy gave scientists the opportunity to investigate how coastal storms affect coastal processes.

    Virtual Earth Day with Parks

    Bring parks home to you with these featured virtual experiences that showcase the incredible sights and sounds of nature preserved in national parks. Find Your Virtual Park to continue exploring and experiencing parks from anywhere in the world.
    Silhouette of person against a lava eruption at night

    Voices of Science

    A podcast series takes listeners on an acoustic voyage connecting the natural and cultural worlds of Hawaii's national parks.

    Hand lens on a field notebook


    What do scientists keep on their desks? Learn the stories about tools that scientists use to do their unique jobs.

    An Eastern meadowlark singing


    Listen in to an innovative audio experience with the National Park Foundation to enjoy soundscapes of your favorite parks from anywhere.

    Campsite with tent and campfire in a desert under the Milky Way

    Sounds of Your Park

    Join a collaborative effort to collect, enjoy, and celebrate the acoustical beauty of the world's national parks and other protected areas.

    Illustration of a person wearing headphones while watching a meteor shower

    Gifts of the Geminids

    Join a park ranger at Haleakalā National Park for a virtual night sky program watching the famed meteor shower.

    Screenshot from a film of the ocean near a mountain range

    If Wilderness Could Speak...

    Listen in on nature while watching the stunning scenery of the Daniel J. Evans Wilderness in Olympic National Park.

    Screenshot of film showing river currents

    Sounds of the Niobrara River

    Enjoy the serene natural soundscape of the Niobrara National Scenic River on the Nebraska plains.

    Screenshot from a film of a mountain surrounded by a forest

    Peace on the Mountain

    Many people find solace and inspiration in natural landscapes. Take a virtual journey to the peaceful landscapes around Mount Rainier.

    For Kids (and Kids at Heart)

    Learn about nature in national parks with these fun, kid-friendly activities! Share you completed artwork or project on social media using #EarthDay and #NationalParkWeek.
    Illustration of two kids with flashlights in a cave

    Junior Cave Scientist Program

    We are looking for young speleologists to become Junior Rangers by exploring the underground worlds beneath our feet.

    Cartoon of kids fishing on a pier

    Junior Ranger Let's Go Fishing!

    Reel in your Junior Ranger Angler status learning about fishing and preserving fish habitats.

    Illustration of kids and rangers looking at fossils in a desert or a Junior Ranger book

    Junior Paleontologist

    Investigate prehistoric life as a Junior Paleontologist looking at fossils in national parks.

    Illustration of constellations on a night sky chart

    Junior Ranger Night Explorers

    Lights out for an adventure exploring the night sky! Learn about constellations, planets, galaxies, and more.

    Illustration of kids running in nature near a pond with animals making noises

    Junior Ranger Sounds Explorer

    Listen up to hear the sounds all around in nature. What interesting things will you hear as you explore sounds.

    Illustration of a turtle entering a maze activity

    Junior Ranger Underwater Explorer

    Take a dive to explore an underwater world and learn what you can do to protect everything that lives there.

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