People: Colonial and Revolutionary Era

Richard Shute Grave Marker
Grave marker at St. Paul's for Richard Shute (RS) who died December 14, 1704.


Native Inhabitants of the St. Paul's Area

Anne Hutchinson

Richard Shute: The Man Under the Oldest Stone

Thomas Standard: The Minister Buried Beneath St. Paul's Church

Rev. Samuel Seabury: St. Paul's Revolutionary War Minister

Frederick Stevenson: Battle of White Plains, Buried at St. Paul's Church.

The Ward Family and the American Revolution

Directors of the American Field Hospital at St. Paul's Church

Theodosius Fowler: Revolutionary War Soldier

John Glover: Sailor, Soldier, Patriot

The Hessians

Samuel Treadwell Pell: Continental Army Officer

Philip Pell: Revolutionary War Leader, Last member of the Continental Congress

Stephen Ward: Local Revolutionary leader, buried at St. Paul's

William Pinkney: Buried at St. Paul's, has an intersting military and political history during the Revolutionary War years.

John Milner: Reverend who started the building of St. Paul's Church

Reverend John Bartow: First Anglican minister of the parish at St. Paul's Church

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