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Our Partners Are Vital

Redwood National and State Parks itself is a partnership between the National Park Service and the California Department of Parks and Recreation. In 1994, three redwood state parks (Jedediah Smith, Del Norte, Prairie Creek) joined with Redwood National Park to co-operatively manage our adjacents lands, staffing and visitor services. Together we manage 120,000 acres of forested lands and this includes 45 percent of the world's remaining old-growth redwoods.

There are many other organisations, tribes, and private groups that officially partner with us to support us as we operate the park day-to-day, as well as to manage and preserve it for future generations.


How Do Partnerships Help Us?

Some of our not-for-profit partners provide staffing for assorted visitor programs, operate visitor center bookstores, provide funding for park publications (free to the public) like the Redwood Visitor Guide & junior ranger books. Financial support from these partners is essential in how the state and national parks provide a wide range of visitor services.

Academic groups like universities have formal partnerships with us. This leads to internships, seasonal employement opportunities, resource projects being completed, as well providing the public myraid of online resources that might not be readily available otherwise.

We have close ties and partnerships with other resource management agencies and tribal governments. These partnerships are more than just a legal requirement to do our work - the skills, relationships and experiences shared make for sucessful resource management projects and outcomes that extend far beyond the parks' boundary.

Even before the creation of the redwood parks, environmental groups were vital in the preservation of the redwods. Since 1918, such groups were responsible for the purchasing of tens of thosuands of acres of old-growth forests that were then donated to the state, or federal governments.

We collaborate with local chambers of commerce, visitor bureaus, schools, museums, and zoos to bring a redwood park experience to our communities and community events. These partnerships help highlight the parks' economic, cultural and natural value to Del Norte and Humboldt county.

Private businesses, corporations, contractors and neighboring forestry companies currently play a very important role in the parks' forest restoration programs and wildlife reintroduction projects.

More About Our Partners.

Redwood Parks Conservancy (RPC)
RPC is our formal co-operating association. What they do is essential for "keeping our doors open". They are the only fundraising partner we have. RPC operates the parks' book stores and co-ordinates fundraising efforts for many government public-lands sites throughout Northen California. All profits from redwood parks' bookstores goes directly to supporting the parks' educational, interpretive and visitor programs.

An example of their role: each year RPC pays for more than 60,000 visitor guides to be printed and then given out for free at our five visitor centers.

Save The Redwoods League (STRL)
This is a citizens organisiation that for 100 years has been purchasing old-growth redwood forests and then donating them to the state and federal government. The STRL advocates for redwood conservation across Northern California, provides educational programs for the public, promotes and funds science and redwood ecosystem research, and is a full partner in the 21st century forest / habitat restoration programs within Redwood National and State Parks.

Klamath Network Inventory and Monitoring Program (I&M)
This national park service program is based in Ashland, Oregon and serves seven park units in the Northern California / Southern Oregon region. The Klamath Network collects scientifically credible data that tracks the condition of each park’s most important resources—its “vital signs. Park managers can rely on I&M for both data and expertise in protecting the natural treasures set aside for all of us to enjoy.

Humboldt State University (HSU)
With the campus in Arcata, CA this university is located in the ideal place to provide a wide range of academic and cultural experiences, skills, talents and connections with the redwood parks. HSU students and faculty work closely with park staff in the academic fields, as well as collaborating with creating interpretive exhibits, on-line products, archival work, field trips, careers and outreach.

Community, Museums, Zoos
To help celebrate Redwood National park's 50th anniversary, we are being pro-active in leveraging our time, staff and skills as we partner and exhibit with other community organisations with related missions. In 2018, our formal community partners are Morris Graves Museum of Art, Sequoia Park Zoo and Clarke Museum. Anniversary events being held in partnership will relate to the human, artistic, and cultural stories of the park as much as the park's natural history.

Chambers of Commerce and Local Bureaus.
We have partnerships and park representatives in positions on assorted boards in Del Norte and Humboldt Counties. We all realise that redwood parks are the main driver of the muilt-million dollar tourist economy. The parks' seek appropriate ways to help bring visitors to the area by working together with bureaus to create accurate county trip-planning information across a variety of platforms and publications. We work with the bureaus to share the mission and values of the parks' and thus encourage enjoyable, sustainable and frequent visits.

California Coastal Commission (CCC)
With forty miles of coastline, Redwood National and State Parks work alongside the CCC. Also, there are Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) just off-shore from some of our most heavily used visitor centers and campgrounds. We collaborate on management, planning and educational projects with the CA Coastal Commission.

Watershed Stewards Program (WSP)
Their mission is to conserve, restore, and enhance salmon and trout watersheds in California. Staff and members of the WSP have collaborated to present education, restoration, and volunteer events at Redwood National and State Parks.

Last updated: July 24, 2019

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