The Embattled Wilderness
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Chapter 1: The Incomparable Valley

Chapter 2: First Park

Chapter 3: Prophecy and Change

Chapter 4: National Park

Chapter 5: The Commission, the Cavalry, and the Natural Resource

Chapter 6: Losing Ground

Chapter 7: Changing of the Guard

Chapter 8: University of the Wilderness

Chapter 9: The Science of Sanctuary

Chapter 10: Sanctuary on Trial

Chapter 11: The Science of Sanctuary Redefined

Chapter 12: Self-Interest and Environment

Chapter 13: Management Adrift

Epilogue: Reassessment and Future


A Note on the Sources

Index (omitted from the online edition)


Frontispiece. Vernal Falls.

Hikers pause to marvel at the power and majesty of Vernal Falls, June 1938. Photograph by Ralph H. Anderson, courtesy of the National Park Service.

I. Incomparable Yosemite.

Half Dome; Thomas A. Ayres's Yo-Hamite Falls; Yosemite Falls; Glacier Point; View from Glacier Point; Giant sequoias of the Mariposa Grove; Hikers at Mount Lyell; Frederick Law Olmsted.

II. The Art of Promotion.

Albert Bierstadt's Lake in Yosemite Valley; Thomas Hill's Yosemite Valley; Cover of Sunset magazine featuring Yosemite; Railroad pro motional brochure covers; Horseshoe Route; Firefall produce label; Yosemite Park and Curry Company promotions.

III. Visitation and Development.

John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt; David and Jennie Curry; Alcoholic beverages at Desmond's Camp Yosemite Yosemite Lodge; Indian Field Days; Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.; Automobiles and campers at Stoneman Meadow; Dredging paving materials from the Merced River; Bridge across Wildcat Creek; Painting the rock face above Wawona Tunnel.

IV. Wildlife Management and Ecology.

Ed Beatty with ice-preserved bighom sheep; Grizzly Giant; Visitors confrontation with bear; Bear capture; Feeding deer; Joseph Grinnell; Yosemite Valley "zoo"; Elk herd.

V. Urban Distractions and Influence.

Hetch Hetchy Valley; Ahwahnee Hotel; Bracebridge Christmas pageant; Winter Carnival; Badger Pass ski area; Freeing bear from milk can; Killing bear by lethal injection; Causes of visitors' deaths; Yosemite Valley jail; Yosemite Village Courthouse; Tioga Road; Yosemite Valley at night.


1. Map of Yosemite National Park

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