The Embattled Wilderness
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II. The Art of Promotion
painting of Yosemite Valley
9. Albert Bierstadt, Lake in Yosemite Valley. The works of Bierstadt, who first painted Yosemite Valley in 1863, typify the romantic style of nineteenth-century artists. Such idealized depictions upheld the national opinion that the wonders of Yosemite were unparalleled worldwide. Courtesy of the Haggin Museum, Stockton, California.

painting of Yosemite Valley
10. Thomas Hill, Yosemite Valley. Hill, like his contemporary, Albert Bierstadt, used artistic license freely, commonly exaggerating the boldness of Yosemite's formations by painting them closer together than they were in actual life. Courtesy of the Rockwell Museum, Corning, New York.

magazine cover showing Half Dome
11. First published in May 1898 by the Passenger Department of the Southern Pacific Railroad, Sunset magazine regularly featured Yosemite Valley in articles, paintings, and photographs. The May 1904 cover, by artist Chris Jorgensen, depicted an Indian woman working a bead loom in front of a Miwok cedar lodge, or u-ma-cha. Half Dome looms in the background. Courtesy of the Lane Publishing Company Archives.


Yosemite: The Embattled Wilderness
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