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A History of Black Americans in California:

Underlined sites are links to more detailed reports.

1. A. J. Roberts Funeral Home Site, Los Angeles County
2. African Methodist Episcopal Church Site (Grass Valley), Nevada County
3. African Methodist Episcopal Church Site (Nevada City), Nevada County
4. African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Shasta County
5. Alexander Street, Nevada County
6. Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church, Riverside County
7. Allensworth, Tulare County
8. "Athletics," San Francisco
9. Bass House, Riverside County
10. Beckwourth Cabin/Trading Post, Plumas County

11. Bell Mountain Community/Sidewinder Well Site, San Bernardino County
12. Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Yuba County
13. Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Site, Sacramento County
14. Biddy Mason Home Site, Los Angeles County
15. Bishop House, Stanislaus County
16. Bon Ton Restaurant, San Diego County
17. Booker T. Washington Community Service Center, San Francisco
18. Boyers/Kenner House, Santa Clara County
19. Bray Residence/Bunk House, San Diego County
20. Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters Headquarters Site, Alameda County

21. Burney the Carriage Trimmer, San Diego County
22. Burr Ranch/Smith Brothers Ranch, Fresno County
23. Camp Ashby Site, Alameda County
24. Carrie Mae Brent Education Center, Sacramento County
25. Churchill/Finley House, Yuba County
26. City Hotel Site, San Francisco
27. Clinton Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Stanislaus County
28. Clinton House, Tehama County
29. Coleman Creek, San Diego County
30. Coleman House, Shasta County

31. Colored School, Santa Cruz County
32. Colored School, Tulare County
33. Colored School Site, Nevada County
34. Daniel Scott's School Site, Tulare County
35. Dannie's Barber Shop, Siskiyou County
36. Dorothy lnghram Home, San Bernardino County
37. Douglass Hotel, San Diego County
38. Douglass High School, Imperial County
39. Duke Luster House, Placer County
40. Dunbar Hospital Site, Los Angeles County

41. Dunnigan Home for the Elderly, San Bernardino County
42. Duval School Site, Alameda County
43. Elizabeth Flake Rowan, San Bernardino County
44. Elizabeth Flake Rowan Plaque, San Bernardino County
45. Fannie Wall Children's Home, Alameda County
46. Fifty-first Street School, Los Angeles County
47. Fowler City Park, Fresno County
48. Frazier House, San Francisco
49. Furlong Tract, Los Angeles County
50. Gabriel Moore Ranch, Fresno County

51. George Duplex Home, Sacramento County
52. Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Co., Los Angeles County
53. Grace Apartments, Los Angeles County
54. Hairdressing and Shaving Saloon, Yuba County
55. Home for the Aged and Infirm Colored People Site, Alameda County
56. Hoover House, Alameda County
57. Howdnett Residence, Kings County
58. Hudson-Ledell Building, Los Angeles County
59. James Key Phillips Office Block, Los Angeles
60. John Scott's Ranch Site, Tehama County

61. Johnson's Buggy and Blacksmith Shop, Riverside County
62. Kentucky Ridge Colony Site, Nevada County
63. King's Ranch, Riverside County
64. Liberty Savings and Loan Association, Los Angeles County
65. Light-Freeman House Site, San Diego County
66. Logan Lake, Shasta County
67. Louden Nelson Memorial, Santa Cruz County
68. Lower Presidio Hill, Monterey County
69. Martin's Department Store, Tehama County
70. Madame C. J. Walker House, San Francisco

71. Mercantile Block/Stoke-Wiley Store, Riverside County
72. Miller's Cafe and Casino, Riverside County
73. Mitchell House, Tehama County
74. Mt. Shasta Baptist Church, Siskiyou County
75. Mt. Shasta Baptist Church Cemetery, Siskiyou County
76. Murray's Dude Ranch, San Bernardino County
77. Nathan Harrison Grade Monument, San Diego County
78. Negro Women's Civic Improvement Club, Sacramento County
79. Orr's Ranch, Fresno County
80. Owl Rock, Yolo County

81. Phoenixonian Institute Site, Santa Clara County
82. Pogue/Gibbons House, Yuba County
83. Quarters (Lincoln Heights), Siskiyou County
84. Red Bluff African Methodist Episcopal Church, Tehama County
85. Reynolds Shoeshine Parlor, Riverside County
86. Richmond Logan Ranch, Shasta County
87. Robinson/Simmons Hotel, San Diego County
88. San Pablo Park, Alameda County
89. San Pablo Park Tract, Alameda County
90. Second Avenue Baptist Church, Los Angeles County

91. Second Baptist Church, San Joaquin County
92. Seventh Street Stables Site, Kings County
93. Shorey Street, Alameda County
94. Steven Spencer Hill Ranch, Tuolumne County
95. Sugg/McDonald House, Tuolumne County
96. Thomas Yarbrough Castle, Riverside County
97. Tonsorial Artist and Hair Dresser, Tehama County
98. Vallejo Institute for Negroes, Solano County
99. W. W. Meadows and Sons, San Diego County
100 Wayside Church of God in Christ, Siskiyou County

101. Welchar Residence, Kings County
102. West House, San Joaquin County
103. Wylie Hinds Ranch Site, Tulare County
104. Yesmar Hotel, San Diego County
105. Young's Place, Fresno County

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