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A young girl with a Jr. Ranger flat hat and a vest covered in gold Jr. Ranger badges, patches, & ribbons sits on a wall completing an activity book
Complete fun activities at parks across the country to earn Junior Ranger badges!


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Looking for something fun and free to do with your family at Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park? You can become a Junior Ranger! Contact us or ask a Ranger or Park Volunteer for more information about our program booklet.

Who is a Junior Ranger?
Junior Rangers are kids (and adults) coming with their family who are interested in our national parks and want to learn more about the natural and historic wonders protected by the National Park Service. Most of the over 400 national parks have a Junior Ranger program. Learn more on the official Junior Ranger program page!

Outside in the park's picnic area, a female Paterson Great Falls Ranger gives badges out to four new Junior Rangers after completing their booklets and ball cap design activity.
Rangers at Paterson Great Falls are happy to help you start your Jr. Ranger journey!


Ready, Set, Go!

Do you love all national parks? Check out the all inclusive "Ready, Set, Go!" Junior Ranger book, which lets you explore the parks both near and far to you. Finish this book to become a Park Explorer Junior Ranger! NPS Jr. Ranger Park Explorer Ready, Set, Go!

Paterson Junior Ranger

Start your Junior Ranger journey in Paterson!

Visit the park during staffed hours and ask a ranger for a Junior Ranger activity booklet.

Unable to make it in person? Have to leave before you finish? Contact us - you can mail your Junior Ranger booklet to the park for grading and a badge!

A colorful Railroad Explorer activity book is held up with a wooden badge beside the rear of a black steam locomotive & interpretive wayside sign, set before brick factory buildings
Can you "track" down Paterson's railroad history?


Railroad Explorer

All aboard! As a center of railroad manufacturing, Paterson helped put the nation "on track." Thanks to this history, Paterson Great Falls is one of several parks that offers a Junior Ranger activity related to railroads. Released in 2020, this program explores the history of railroading in America, while teaching all-important safety lessons for living and working near trains.

Become a Junior Ranger Railroad Explorer - ask a ranger for details or download a digital Railroad Explorer book as your ticket to earn a special badge!

After exploring our site, continue your "training" by visiting the many other railroad-associated National Parks, such as nearby Steamtown National Historic Site!
A gold-bordered, glossy Super Jr. Ranger certificate with 3 unigrid brochures from Paterson Great Falls, Morristown, & Edison National Historical Parks sits on a dark wood paneled background
Visit Paterson & its neighboring sites to earn a special certificate!


Super Junior Ranger

We also offer a special Junior Ranger program - if you become a Jr. Ranger here at Paterson Great Falls and our neighbors Thomas Edison National Historical Park and Morristown National Historical Park, you will receive a certificate designating you as a Super Junior Ranger!

Simply complete the activities at each park and show your badges at the final site!
Group of Scout Patches - a brown resource stewardship badge with the NPS arrowhead & boy scout eagle, a light blue badge with the NPS arrowhead "pair of faces" girl scout logo, & a blue 19th Amendment patch with a five-point star, needle, & thread
Scouts can earn a variety of patches when visiting National Parks!


Scout Rangers

Did you know? If you are a Boy Scout or a Girl Scout, you can become a National Park Service Scout Ranger! Scout leaders: explore these programs and consider integrating scout activities into an education program, scheduled program reservation, or visit!

Boy Scout Ranger Program
Girl Scout Ranger Program
Girl Scout Rangers & the 19th Amendment

Last updated: January 12, 2024

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