Become A Junior Ranger

Explore. Learn. Protect.

The Junior Ranger motto is recited by children around the country; each taking an oath of their own to protect parks, continue to learn about parks, and share their own ranger story with friends and family.

The NPS Junior Ranger program is an activity based program conducted in almost all parks, and some Junior Ranger programs are national. Many national parks offer young visitors the opportunity to join the National Park Service "family" as Junior Rangers.

Interested youth complete a series of activities during a park visit, share their answers with a park ranger, and receive an official Junior Ranger patch and Junior Ranger certificate. Junior Rangers are typically between the ages of 5 to 13, although people of all ages can participate.

An iPad displays a comic book style online junior ranger activity with printed badge and scissors.
Junior Ranger Online

Explore online activities, virtual tours, and more.

Several kids hold up junior ranger program materials
National Theme Programs

National Theme Programs help kids connect to topics that are important across the National Park Service.

Two kids hold up Junior Ranger badges from Herbert Hoover National Historic Site
On-Site Junior Ranger Programs

Find Junior Ranger programs at the next National Park Site you're visiting.

Last updated: February 7, 2024