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Paterson Great Falls offers a wide variety of ranger-led and self-guided activities - in addition to checking our calendar, explore this list of tours & events:


Public Walking Tours:

A Stroll Through History - The Paterson Great Falls Orientation Walking Tour

Appropriate for families, elementary, middle school, high school, and college/adult groups.

The story of Paterson and its Great Falls demonstrates that the natural and cultural diversity of the area helped fuel the economic and social growth of a young nation. Join a staff member for this 45-minute to 1-hour, 1-mile walk to discover how the natural world inspired a founding father, entrepreneurs, immigrants, poets and artists to build the nation's first industrial city and changed the world.

Please wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing/shoes. The walk will be on along paved and unpaved paths with uneven footing. Guided tours led by the National Park Service, or its designees, can follow paved, wheelchair-accessible routes (assistance may be required, especially along narrow city sidewalks). If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the park.

When: Wednesday-Sunday at 2PM
Reservations: Please call 973-523-0370 the day of your visit to ensure availability.
Where: Meet at the statue of Alexander Hamilton in Overlook Park at the main park address.

Safety Alert: - Guided programs may be shortened or cancelled in cases of severe weather or if there is excessive heat or cold. Please contact the park during staffed hours if you have questions day-of.

Self-Guided Walking Tour

Visiting the park but can't attend a ranger guided tour? Try our free self-guided walking tour! Learn the history of Paterson and the Great Falls at your own pace. Explore the official Mill Mile page or ask a ranger for more information.


Program Reservations

Interested in a program at the Park, having a ranger visit your location, or a virtual program? Check out our Education Page for a variety of school and adult education offerings! Otherwise, to request a specialized program, visit our Program Reservations Page.

Please note: we are encouraging all participants to practice current state and local COVID-19 guidelines for outdoor gatherings - mask wearing and following proper social distancing guidelines. If participants are not properly following COVID-19 guidelines, the staff member has the right to stop the tour at any time.

Partner Events

Paterson Great Falls partners with many local organizations. Check our calendar or below for upcoming events we and/or our partners are offering:
A woman w/ a red dot on her cheek, a purple dress, & a colored stone earring & necklaces - a waterfall is in the background. Seals for the Delaware Tribe of Indians & the National Park Service Arrowhead flank the noted details for the Heritage Day


Lenape/Delaware Heritage Days

Join the Delaware Tribe of Indians, a federally recognized tribe based in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, to experience the music, social dances, and history of the Delaware/Lenape people

Commercial and Professional Photographers/Videographers will require a signed consent form from the Delaware Tribe of Indians to use their likenesses. Contact for more photo release information.

For questions about the event please contact the park.

When: Saturday, April 22nd at 10:00 AM & 2:00 PM & Sunday, April 23rd at 12:00 PM
Where: Overlook Park - 72 McBride Avenue Extension, Paterson NJ 07501

Last updated: March 17, 2023

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