Steam locomotives excited the senses and Steamtown works to keep their stories alive!

You'd feel heat from the firebox, smell hot steam and oil; you'd hear the whistle, feel the ground vibrate, and watch as one-ton drive rods turned steel wheels. Remember the sound of "chuff-chuff" from the smokestack? Today, you can learn the history of steam railroad transportation, and the people who built, repaired and rode, as we work to preserve a special era in America's industrial history!

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Unlike Steam locomotives, diesel-electric locomotives have all of their moving parts hidden, encased in a shell of steel panels and doors. This begs the question: what's going on inside that steel shell? Join Ranger Alan on a journey to explore under the hood of Steamtown's diesel-electric locomotive No. 514 and find out what powers the engine.

Large black train stationed on a curved track with a park ranger in the foreground

“Big Boy” No. 4012 on Display

The large engine makes its triumphant return following an extended cosmetic restoration.

Small steam locomotive in green paint, while lettering

BLW 26 Steam Locomotive

Ride a seasonal Yard Shuttle - either the Scranton or Nay Aug Gorge Limited - during your visit to Steamtown

No. 514 diesel locomotive in black and yellow colors

Train Rides and Excursions

Steamtown NHS offers seasonal passenger excursions to various out-of-park destinations, generally May through August and October

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