The Canyons Have Been Occupied for Centuries

The Hopi, San Juan Southern Paiute, Zuni, and Navajo people have inhabited the canyons for centuries. Springs fed into farmlands on the canyon floor and homes were built in the natural sandstone alcoves. The cliff dwellings of Betatakin, Keet Seel, and Inscription House were last physically occupied around 1300 AD but the villages have a spiritual presence that can still be felt today.

Houses made of sandstone, mud mortar, and wood are sheltered in a cliff alcove.
Generation to Generation

Learn more about the ancestral ways of life of the alcove dwellers and how modern tribal members have kept that heritage alive.

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Find out what is offered at the park at this time. The park is free and open year-round.

A group visiting Keet Seel with a ranger.
Ranger led Canyon Hikes

Ranger led Canyon Hikes to Betatakin are offered.

A river snakes through a broad desert landscape.
Special Guided Hikes to Keet Seel

Register for these overnight hikes starting in March. Please know your limit and prepare for a strenuous guided hike to Keet Seel.

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