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Ranger Caleo at Junior Ranger Camp
Ranger Caleo conducting a plant talk on the Sandal Trail with youth and their parents at a Junior Ranger Day Camp.

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Become a Junior Ranger at Navajo National Monument!

Take these 4 easy steps to become a Junior Ranger:

1. Pick up a free junior ranger booklet at the visitor center's front desk.

2. Complete the activities in the book during your visit by hiking the trails, visiting the museum, and watching the park's videos in the auditorium.

3. Hand the booklet to a park ranger so they can look it over.

4. Cite the Junior Ranger Pledge with a park ranger to receive a badge.

Junior Ranger Camp

During the summer, the park offers a free Junior Ranger camp. Participants can join park rangers to hike and take part in hands-on activities. Day camps are offered for a week so contact the park for the next camp.

Email park staff for more information about the Junior Ranger program.

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Last updated: August 5, 2023

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