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Betatakin Tours

One (1) Betatakin tour will be offered at 8:15am MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) daily until September 14, 2019.

Betatakin is available on a first come, first served basis. We do not take reservations for the Betatakin hike.

The tour might be cancelled due to staff availability and/or hazardous weather conditions. It is best to call the visitor center the day before you plan to join a guided tour to check if a tour will be offered.

Keet Seel Tours

The Keet Seel tour is offered from May 26, 2019 - September 08, 2019 from Thursday to Monday only.

Please call the park at 928-672-2700 to reserve a Keet Seel permit.

Refer to the Betatakin or Keet Seel Hiking information provided below to see specific dates and times the cliff dwellings are open/closed for tours.

Caution: If you have hip, knee, heart, respiratory problems or recent surgery, please do not attempt any of the guided hikes.

Hike Smart At Navajo (PDF 472 KB)

Betatakin Cliff Dwelling Tour

2019 Betatakin Information (PDF 81KB)

Betatakin from the view of the tour.
The Betatakin cliff dwelling tour stops at this vantage point due to rock fall hazard.

NPS Photo

  • Reservations are NOT required.

  • A sign up sheet is available at the visitor center's front desk.

  • Tours are first come, first served and are limited to 25 people per tour.

  • Wear proper hiking shoes because the trails are unpaved.

  • Bring 2 liters of water and snacks.

  • Be prepared to hike in hot weather by bringing a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.

  • Do not attempt this hike if you have any current injuries, major surgeries and medical conditions that would affect your ability to hike.

Due to rockfall hazard in the alcove, THE BETATAKIN TOURS DO NOT ENTER THE VILLAGE. Rangers give program from a safe distance beneath the village.

Looking down Long Canyon
A view of the canyon from Tsegi Point Trail

NPS Photo

8:15 A.M. Betatakin Tour: The hike uses the Tsegi Point Trail which is a strenuous 5-mile round-trip trail. Tours usually take 4 to 5 hours. The trailhead begins at 7,300 ft. elevation; loses and regains 700 feet (218 meters).

Visitors are required to drive their vehicle to the trailhead.

The steep stairs that make up the Aspen Trail.
The Aspen Trail is a switchback with stairs that are steep and strenuous. There are 927 steps from the bottom of the canyon to the visitor center and vice versa.

NPS Photo

Aspen Trail currently closed due to rockfall

Elevation loss/gain is 700 feet (218 meters) from the visitor center to the bottom of the canyon.

ATTENTION: The 8:15am tour is subject to cancellation due to severe weather condition, natural disaster, and/or staff shortage.

A group of visitors on one of the guided Betatakin tours.
A guided group inside the alcove near the Betatakin Cliff Dwelling.

NPS Photo


Keet Seel Cliff Dwelling Tour

Keet Seel is available from May 26, 2019 - September 08, 2019.

Keet Seel is a strenous 17 mile round trip backcountry hike.

Please note that each day is different on what is available for Keet Seel hikes. Reference the schedule below to see what is offered for certain days of the week.

Thursday-Sunday: Overnight trips and day hikes are allowed.
Monday: Day hikes are allowed. No overnight trips can be booked this day.
Tuesday and Wednesday: Keet Seel is closed to all hikes.

The park is currently taking reservations to obtain a permit, call the visitor center at 928-672-2700.

Hiker(s) must attend a MANDATORY 3PM permit orientation at the visitor center the day before your scheduled hike.

Please read the Keet Seel Hiking Information (provided below), check the local weather forecast and call the visitor center for any additional information.

2019 Keet Seel hiking information (PDF 220KB).

The ranger station at Keet Seel
The ranger station and the welcome sign at Keet Seel.

NPS Photo

Hikers have the option to do the Keet Seel hike in one day or stay overnight in the designated campground near Keet Seel.


Visitors are allowed one OVERNIGHT STAY at the designated campground near Keet Seel from Thursday - Sunday.

Monday and the last day of the season (September 8, 2019) are for DAY HIKERS ONLY.

Inside Keet Seel Alcove
Early morning sunrise in Keet Seel.

NPS Photo

The hike to Keet Seel is strenuous and includes steep canyon switchback trails and sand dunes. Crossing the stream is a common occurence. Quicksand forms during summer monsoon season (July-August).

There is an elevation loss/gain of 1000 feet.

One gallon of water per person per day is recommended. Drinking water from the canyon stream is unsafe.

All Keet Seel hikers should be on the trail and hiking to Keet Seel before 8:00 A.M. MDT local time or earlier.

Keet Seel reservations are SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION during severe weather conditions. It is advised to call ahead for trail conditions so that unnecessary trips and disappointments are avoided.

A back country ranger in Keet Seel village.
Flat Stanley visiting Keet Seel with a ranger.

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