Visitor Center Area and South Side Trails

A close up photo of green foliage with a hiking trail in the background.
Many trails in the visitor center area can be connected together into a longer hike.

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A hiking adventure is never out of reach at Mammoth Cave. With 18 miles of easy to access trails found on the south side of the Green River, you can take a day to explore the above ground geology and history of the park, or simply venture out on a quick hike between your cave tours and ranger-led programs.


Visitor Center Area Trails

The area around the park visitor center offers 7.2 miles of scenic trails that feature: ridgetops, river views, sinkholes, cave-fed springs, cemeteries, a historic train engine, and views of the historic entrances to Mammoth Cave and Dixon Cave.

Trail Starts at Mi. Km.
Amphitheater Trail Hotel parking/ Cavers' Camp Store 0.2 0.3
Cabins Trail Hotel Parking 0.2 0.3
Dixon Cave Overlook Trail Picnic Area 0.1 0.1
Dixon Cave Trail Historic Entrance 0.4 0.6
Echo River Springs Loop Trail Green River Ferry 1.0 1.6
Engine No. 4 Trail Hotel Parking/ Cavers' Camp Store 0.2 0.3
Green River Bluffs Trail Picnic Area 1.3 2.1
Heritage Trail Mammoth Cave Hotel 0.5 0.8
Historic Entrance Trail Visitor Center 0.2 0.3
Mammoth Cave Railroad
Bike and Hike Trail -
Visitor Center Access Trail
Near Engine No. 4 0.2 0.4
Mammoth Cave
Campground Trail
Park Amphitheater 0.2 0.3
Old Guides Trail Heritage Trail/ Historic Entrance 0.1 0.1
River Styx Spring Trail Historic Entrance 0.4 0.7
River Valley Trail Sinkhole Trail/ Echo River Springs Trail 0.3 0.5
Sinkhole Trail Heritage Trail/ Echo River Springs Trail 1.0 1.7
Sunset Point Trail Heritage Trail/Echo River Springs Trail 0.3 0.5
Two Springs Trail River Stix Trail/Echo River Springs Trail 0.6 1.0
Whites Cave Trail Sinkhole Trail/ Mammoth Cave Campground Trail 0.6 1.0

Beneath Your Feet

We spend most of life exploring the beauty and wonder found on the earth’s surface, but beneath our feet, unbelievable feats of geology are at work and hundreds of years of modern human history have passed. Perhaps nowhere else in the world is this truer than at Mammoth Cave. Take a hike and find out what really lies Beneath Your Feet.


South Side Trails

Many trails found along the main park roads allow you to explore almost 11 miles of forested trails.

The Cedar Sink Trail, Sand Cave Trail, Sloan's Crossing Pond Walk, Turnhole Bend Nature Trail, and the Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike and Hike Trail are great trails to get out into the park and see what lives on the surface of the park.

Trail Starts at Mi. Km.
Cedar Sink Trail Cedar Sink Trailhead 1.0 1.6
Mammoth Cave Railroad
Bike and Hike Trail - North
Hotel Parking 3.3 5.4
Mammoth Cave Railroad
Bike and Hike Trail - South
South Park Entrance 5.1 8.2
Mammoth Cave Railroad
Bike and Hike Trail -
Furlong Cemetery Spur
Spur entry point 0.2 0.4
Mammoth Cave Railroad
Bike and Hike Trail -
South Entry Spur
South park entry sign 0.2 0.4
Echo River Springs Loop Trail ♿ Echo River Springs Trail Head 0.7 1.13
Sand Cave Trail Sand Cave Trailhead 0.1 0.2
Sloan's Crossing Pond Walk Sloan's Crossing Trailhead 0.4 0.6
Turnhole Bend Nature Trail Turnhole Bend Trailhead 0.5 0.9

Suggested Visitor Center Area and South Side Hikes

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    Four-legged friends are often our favorite hiking companions! Happily, Mammoth Cave National Park allows leashed pets on trails with a few guidelines to follow. Please learn more about bringing your pets to the park.


    Ticks, Poison Ivy, and Snakes—oh my!

    Mammoth Cave National Park is just as much a home for ticks and snakes as it is for white tail deer, turkeys, and songbirds. Poison Ivy also makes its home here and is found in most areas of the park. Learn more about ticks, poison ivy and snake safety while in the park.


    Be a Steward of Mammoth Cave

    Mammoth Cave National Park has earned the distinction of several international designations, including being listed as a International Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage Site.

    You can help protect your national park by following the seven Leave No Trace principles and doing other simple things like picking up litter, discouraging others from taking keepsakes, carving their initials into trees, or bothering wildlife.

    Ready to embrace your call to Stewardship? Learn more ways you can Get Involved in protecting your national park.

    Hikers forge ahead through autumn leaves.
    Backcountry Hiking

    Explore backcountry of Mammoth Cave National Park. Great for day hikes and multi-day adventures alike.

    Two young men hike on a park trail
    Beneath Your Feet

    Discover whats beneath your feet.

    A flowering tree stranding over a cemetery
    Visit a Historic Church or Cemetery

    Discover the history of the communities that once existed in the park.


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