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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, backpackers. Isle Royale's wilderness attracts thousands of visitors each year. So how you treat the park when you visit matters. Isle Royale can stay wild. Here's how you can help.

Know before you go. Isle Royale is a remote island and self-reliance is a must. Services are limited. So make sure to bring everything you'll need, including a Michigan fishing license if you plan on fishing in Lake Superior. When you're in the backcountry, it will be necessary to collect, filter, and chemically treat your own drinking water.

Play it safe. Stay on the trail but watch your footing. Isle Royale trails are rugged, uneven, and sometimes obstructed. Accidents can happen. Wear reliable footwear. And consider bringing hiking poles. Stop the transfer of invasive species by cleaning boots and gear before your arrival and in between uses, transitioning from Lake Superior to interior waters.

Protect your park. One way to do this is to camp in designated campgrounds. Each campground has at least one outhouse. Use them. If nature calls while you're on the trail, move off and dig a cat hole. Only have fires in designated metal rings or standing grills. Remember, everything on Isle Royale is protected, so leave it where you found it. And pack out all trash

Share the space. Consider how your actions may affect the wilderness experience of others. Your actions may also affect wildlife. Never approach, feed, touch, or disturb.

Visit the park website for trip planning guidance and current conditions prior to your trip. Thank you for doing your part to help Isle Royale stay wild.


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Help Isle Royale stay wild by following these best practices for your wilderness backpacking experience.


Last updated: November 1, 2023

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