Group Camping Introduction

Scattered camping gear hangs to dry on a porch after a backpacking trip.
Have a group of 7 or more? Make sure to follow Group Camping Regulations to reduce your impact.


Quick Facts

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Things to Know about Group Camping

  • Advance group camping reservations and permits are required for groups of seven or more people, including leaders.
  • If your party exceeds ten, you must split into two or more groups (of ten or less), each independent and traveling on completely separate itineraries. For groups of ten or more people breaking up into small parties (1-6 people), a permit must still be obtained in advance.
  • Groups of seven or more people may only camp in reserved group campsites.
  • Organizations may not have more than 20 people camping on the island at any one time and are limited to 80 people per year.

Group Camping Reservation Requests

Isle Royale accepts group camping reservation requests beginning January 2 for the 2024 season. The park strives to process all requests quickly. However, due to limited winter staffing, we are not able to process most requests until March, when staffing increases.

All requests are processed in the order we receive them.
For more information, head over to our in-depth group camping page.

Isle Royale National Park

Last updated: November 6, 2023