Stories of the Indentured Servants

The labor of indentured servants was ciritical to the development of the Hampton estate. Although the use of indentured labor was short lived in the history of Hampton, their stories of hard labor and suffering and are critical to understanding early life on the Hampton plantation and estate. Due to the short term use of indentured labor, many of their stories remain unknown, however historians that have made their work avaialable to the National Park Service, such as Dr. Kent Lancaster, Dr. Robert T. Chase and Elizabeth Comer, provide a clearer picture of the life of the indentured. Their studies: “Almost Chattel: The Lives of Indentured Servants at Hampton-Northampton, Baltimore County” and “On the Border of Freedom and Slavery: The Hampton Plantation, the Northampton Ironworks, and the Transformation of Labor, 1740-1984” highlight the storeis of individuals on Hampton's estate.

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Last updated: April 12, 2024

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