Daniel Barber

A living historian demonstrates farming techniques.
A living historian demonstrates farming techniques.

NPS/Tim Ervin

Daniel Barber began his time with the Ridgelys as indentured servant and then became a tenant who paid rent for a small farm on Hampton lands, as is evidenced by the federal direct tax record of 1798. Barber was one of at least seven tenants who paid rent that year, the others were Dick Anderson, William, Coe, Nathaniel Corbin, William Ensor, Thomas Burton, and John Gorsuch. Not all of these men had been indentured servants, demonstrating yet again how transitions in and out of bondage happened in the midst of other stories: paid laborers, enslaved laborers, and recently indentured persons all worked the same land. Tenants like Barber added to the Hampton estate through farming improvements while also contributing to the family’s wealth.

Last updated: July 10, 2020

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