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The park's General Management Plan was completed in 1995 and replaces the 1977 management plan. The plan is the culmination of a four year process that has involved local citizens, American Indian tribes, and public and private agencies.

The plan guides the management of resources, visitor use, and general development at the park. The primary purpose of the plan is to provide a foundation from which to protect park resources while providing for meaningful visitor experiences. A secondary purpose is to encourage compatible activities on adjacent lands so as to minimize adverse effects on the park.

The environmental impacts of implementing the management plan were analysed in a Draft General Management Plan and Environmental Impacts Assessment. The direction for future park management is based on the laws establishing the park and the National Park Service, the purpose of the park and its significant resources.

In 2017, the park revised their Foundation Document [4.69 mb PDF] This overview of the document provides a preview of our shared understanding of the park's purpose, significance, and resources and values. Additionally, it serves as a foundation for future planning and management.

For more information about the Grand Canyon National Park Foundation Document, contact: e-mail us or (928) 638-7888 or write to: Superintendent, Grand Canyon National Park, PO Box 129, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

To learn more, see the Administrative History of Grand Canyon National Park, a political and economic history of the park's first hundred years .

Authorization Summary:

First unsuccessful attempt to establish a Grand Canyon National Park.

1893 Designated a "forest reserve" by President Benjamin Harrison (Presidential Proclamation #45)

1908 Established as Grand Canyon National Monument by President Theodore Roosevelt (Presidential Proclamation #794)

1919 Designation of Grand Canyon National Park by an act of Congress on February 26 (40 Stat 1175).

1975 Grand Canyon National Park Enlargement Act an act of Congress on January 3 (88 Stat 2089) (Public Law 93-620)

1979 Designation as a World Heritage Site on October 26.


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