Ranger Programs and Special Events - Winter 2023-24


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Grand Canyon National Park Rangers presenting programs.
  • When you arrive in the park, be on the lookout for signs or ask at information desks about ranger programs being offered during your visit.

Ranger Program and Location:


2023 Special Events:

  • Grand Canyon Celebration of Art

    Hosted each year by Grand Canyon Conservancy, the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art is an annual event that includes 6 days of art related events followed by a 4 month long exhibition in Kolb Studio on the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. The 2023 events at Grand Canyon will take place September 8, 2023, through January 15, 2024. Details >


Ranger Program Videos

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4 minutes, 10 seconds

Have you ever wondered how the Grand Canyon was formed and why it is found here in Northern Arizona? To understand the formation of the canyon, there is a simple way to remember how it was shaped over time. All you have to remember are the letters D U D E or dude. The letters stand for: Deposition, Uplift, Down cutting and Erosion.

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11 minutes, 47 seconds

Ranger-led walking tour from Bright Angel Trailhead to Maricopa Point with Ranger Dave.


Last updated: January 29, 2024

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