Portfolio of Management Plans

Park managers are guided by a variety of plans and studies, covering many topics. The totality of plans for a park is referred to as the Portfolio of Management Plans (portfolio). The portfolio is a dynamic compilation of planning guidance in which certain planning elements are removed and updated, or new elements are added as needed. Each portfolio is composed of a unique set of plans designed specifically to help manage that NPS unit.

By using the totality of documents within a planning portfolio, park managers are enabled to fulfill all relevant legal and policy requirements, including general management plan statutory requirements. A park's planning portfolio, which extends from the foundation document to site-specific resource and visitor use management plans, creates a logical, trackable guide for future park management actions.

Plans are prepared by interdisciplinary teams including the park superintendent and staff, landscape architects, community planners, specialists in natural and cultural resources, environmental design specialists, concessions management specialists, interpretation experts, and professionals in other fields, as needed. Public involvement is an essential element in the planning process and engaging with communities at an early stage in the process is important so that public input is considered as plans are developed, to inform agency decision-making.


Grand Canyon Portfolio

Several dozen sightseers watch the sunset at a scenic overlook at Grand Canyon National Park.
General Management Plan

The Grand Canyon National Park General Management Plan guides the management of resources, visitor use, and general development.

A conservator conducts mural conservation work in the Desert View Watchtower.
Foundation Document

Explore the park's purpose, resources, history, and values. It's the foundation for planning and management.

Construction workers position a large slab of stone for the Desert View amphitheater.
Strategic Plan

Explore some of the major projects and emphasis areas planned across the park from 2020-2025.

A commercial raft trip in oar boats on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park.
Colorado River Management Plan

Learn about the actions to conserve park resources while enhancing the visitor experience and river running recreational opportunities.

A view of Deer Creek during a rafting trip stop on the Colorado River.
Backcountry Management Plan

Learn management strategies for protecting park resources while providing a variety of visitor experiences within the backcountry.

Visitors sit at the Grand Canyon Lodge veranda to watch the sunset from the North Rim.
North Rim Development Plan

Learn about supplemental development guidance for the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park in addition to the General Management Plan.

A Tusayan Shuttle bus completes a stop in Tusayan on a return trip to Grand Canyon National Park.
South Rim Transportation Plan

Discover how the park is enhancing multimodal transportation options between Tusayan and the South Rim.

A park helicopter waits near switchbacks on the South Kaibab Trail to assist an injured hiker.
Special Flight Rules Area

Review the Draft EIS for management of overflight activity in Grand Canyon National Park to substantially restore natural quiet.


Additional and Archived Plans

Additional plans and environmental documents for the National Park Service are available on the Planning, Environment and Public Comment site (PEPC). PEPC is an online collaborative tool dedicated to facilitating the National Environmental Policy Act/National Historic Preservation Act process in conservation planning, environmental impact analysis, and informed decision-making.

Other options include contacting the Grand Canyon Museum Collection or checking the NPS Electronic Technical Information Center.

Last updated: November 1, 2022

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