Getting Married at Grand Canyon

View past the heads people at a wedding ceremony with a bride and groom standing by a priest that is reading from a book. Colorful canyon buttes and cliffs form the background.
Wedding ceremony at Shoshone Point on the South Rim. NPS photo.

Grand Canyon National Park's inspiring viewpoints and natural settings are ideally suited for small, simple, and quiet weddings. With a variety of indoor and outdoor locations for wedding ceremonies and receptions you can find the perfect place for your special moment. All ceremonies, regardless of size, require an approved Special Use Permit issued by the National Park Service.



  • Weddings may be scheduled up to one year in advance.

  • Special Use Permits must be issued to the individuals getting married not by a third party (e.g. wedding planners)
  • Please note: Weddings (except Shoshone Point) are permitted for a 2 hr. block of time. If additional time is needed, an extra charge per hour will be applied to the permit fee. Shoshone Point will be permitted for a maximum of 6 hrs.
  • We require a minimum of 30 days to fully process a basic permit request. Do not wait until the last minute to apply for your permit. No requests are expedited; no exceptions.
  • To check if your desired location and date is available, please contact our office via email. Please note that Cape Royal Amphitheater and Point Imperial Viewpoint on the North Rim, and Shoshone Point on the South Rim, are only available May 15 to October 15 due to road closures and lack of facilities during the winter months. Each location may only have one event per day.
  • Ready to submit an application form? It is recommended to save the PDF document and open with Adobe to digitally sign and e-mail to

  • Grand Canyon National Park charges a nonrefundable fee for all Special Use Permits. The park calculates fees annually based on cost recovery. Special use permit fees and more information
  • For information on lodging, catering or reception availability please contact hotels and facilities directly. You can find information about lodging in the area at:


Rules and Regulations

  • All sites must be cleaned after use
  • In sites with trash bins the ground/floor must be picked up of all trash including organic matter such as flower petals.
  • For outdoor locations the prohibited items include: flowers, archways, any structure, balloons, the throwing of items, chairs, amplified sound. This is not a complete list; please contact the permits office for more information. Special Use Permits only allow the use of the permitted area. The permit does not provide for, or include, any services or amenities.
  • See Wedding Permit conditions or Site specific conditions (Shrine, Shoshone) located at the bottom of the Special Use Permit page.

Arizona Marriage License

An Arizona Marriage License is required when getting married at Grand Canyon National Park. Coconino County is the county Grand Canyon National Park is located in.

Performing the Ceremony

Grand Canyon Religious Services

Clergy from Grand Canyon Village will often perform wedding ceremonies; counseling prior to the wedding may be required. Find a current list of Religious Services in Grand Canyon National Park on this site.

District Justices and Municipal Judges


Commonly Permitted Locations of Grand Canyon National Park

Common permitted locations of Grand Canyon National Park are located on both the South and North Rims.

Click the photo gallery to see examples of views from some of these permitted locations.

Permits do not give exclusive use of the site. These areas are still open to the public.

Set up is not generally authorized. Shoshone Point is the only permitted site where catering may be authorized.

Outdoor Locations - South Rim Sites


  • Parking - 5 vehicles may be authorized to park at Shoshone Point permitted area. There is a 1 mile walk on the dirt road from the parking open to the public. Shoshone Point Parking Area (U.S. National Park Service) (
  • # of people limitation - 85 people
  • Accessible - No. The ground is dirt and uneven, including around the permitted area. 
  • Seasonal Closure? - Shoshone Point is available to be permitted May 15 - October 15. 
  • Closest Toilet - A pit toilet is located on site, across from the pavillion.
  • GPS Coordinates: 36.044890, -112.058505
  • Link to Photo Gallery

Shoshone Point Information

The National Park Service offers a site on the South Rim of Grand Canyon for reservation by groups wishing to host a wedding, celebrate a birthday, conduct a memorial service, hold a family reunion, or any similar non-commercial event.

Shoshone Point is the place for people who can be flexible with their planning and can deal with unpredictable Grand Canyon weather.

Please Note:

  • Shoshone Point can only be reserved for:

    • a maximum 6-hour block of time

    • between an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset
    • between May 15 - October 15.
  • Shoshone Point is the only site that may be authorized for catering.
  • To check if your desired location and date is available, please contact our office via email.
  • The general public parking is often busy; it is recommended to arrange a shuttle from the dirt parking lot 1 mile west of the Shoshone Point general parking area. 

Accessing the Site

Shoshone Point Road is a one-mile unimproved dirt road, low clearance vehicles are not recommend. Walking is always an option. No more than 5 vehicles may park out at Shoshone at any one time. Commercially marked vehicles are not allowed. Vehicles over 22 feet are not allowed. Catering vehicles may be authorized, please list the request in the application.

The dirt road leads to this isolated area with spectacular views of Grand Canyon. The site features a covered pavilion, picnic tables, grills, trash cans and a vault toilet. There is no water or electricity at the site.

The ground surface of the event area and the trail leading to it is unimproved and rough. Although relatively level, participants using wheelchairs or walkers will need assistance. An unimproved trail leads from the event area a short distance to the point. You will encounter steep drop-offs and uneven steps along the way with no guard rails or walls.


  • Bring your own firewood; you may not collect wood in the park.
  • Please review current fire information and restrictions:
  • If conditions allow, you are responsible for completely extinguishing the fire. Please bring water as water is not available at the site. Fires may be restricted during the driest weeks of spring and summer.


  • Pima Point is located on Hermit Road. Hermit Road is closed to private vehicles between March 1 and November 30. During this 9 month period, most visitors access the road via the free Hermit Road (Red) Route) shuttle busHermit Road is open to private vehicles only during the winter months of December, January and February, when there is no shuttle service on Hermit Road. Pima Point - Hermits Rest (Red) Route (U.S. National Park Service) (
  • Accessibility information - People with mobility issues can ask for the Scenic Road pass to be able to drive Hermit Road. Request at the entrance station or at a Visitor Center in the park. 
  • # of people limitation - Maximum of 30 people
  • Weather Closure - Icy and stormy conditions may temporarily close access to Hermit Road. Contact the Permits Office if you need to adjust your permit request due to road closures or potential road closures. 
  • Closest Toilet - Hermit's Rest is 1.1 mile (1.8km) west from Pima Point.  
  • GPS Coordinates: 36.07331207786185, -112.19811156392946
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Pima Point InformationPima Point is one of the best places on the rim to see, and sometimes even hear, the Colorado River. The distant roar of Granite Rapids far below can be heard echoing up the canyon walls on quiet days.


  • Parking- Park at Yavapai Geology Museum or Headquarters and walk to the permitted site. The walk to Grandeur is one-fourth of a mile (0.4 km) from the Yavapai Geology Museum parking lot. The walk to Grandeur from Headquarters is one mile (1.6km).
  • # of people limitation - 45 people
  • Accessible- Paved pathway to Grandeur Point is along the accessible Rim Trail. Day Hike - Rim Trail (
  • Seasonal closure? - No. The paved trail may become icy and have patches of snow during the winter. 
  • Closest Toilet - Yavapai Geology Museum parking lot, one-fourth of a mile (0.4 km) East of Grandeu Point. 
  • GPS Coordinates - 36.06477577407436, -112.12245406524755
  • Link to Webpage
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Grandeur Point Information

A short walk west from Yavapai Point. Parking fills quickly; consider using the free shuttle buses. Accommodates 45 people.

To find Grandeur Point, follow the numbers on the ground of the Trail of Time exibit to "140 Million years ago".


  • Parking- The closest parking is in the Grand Canyon Village Area, including the Bright Angel Trailhead. Parking is limited in the village, the Backcountry Office has a larger parking lot. Free park shuttles may be an option from other parking lots. 
  • # of people limitation - 50 people
  • Accessible- No. There are stairs and uneven footing leading to the permitted location. 
  • Scenic Road closure limit access? - No.
  • Closest Toilet - Bright Angel Trailhead is one-fourth of a mile (0.4 km) east of the West Rim Worship Site. 
  • GPS Coordinates: 36.057831, -112.147076
  • Link to Photo Gallery

West Rim Worship Site Information

Located at the western end of Grand Canyon Village along the Rim Trail, one-fourth of a mile (0.4 km) from the nearest parking lot. Accommodates 50 people.



  • Parking?
  • # of people limitation - 35 people
  • Accessible - yes
  • Scenic Road Closures - Yes, the road to Moran Point may temporarily close due to icy road conditions. 
  • Closest Toilet - Buggeln Picnic Areas is location 2.8 miles (4.5km) west of Moran Point. 
  • GPS Coordinates - 36.00517091965417, -111.92426894042448
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Moran Point Information

Just west of the main viewpoint in an unrailed area. Receives less visitors than other viewpoints and offers expansive canyon views. Parking usually available nearby. Accommodates up to 35 people.



  • Parking - 
  • # of people limitation - 50 people
  • Accessible - One of the permitted sites may be viewed from the pavement by the parking lot. See picture of permitted site behind rocks by parking lot.
  • Seasonal/weather Closure - Yes. Access to Lipan Point may temporarily close due to icy road conditions. 
  • Closest Toilet - Desert View Restrooms are located 2.5miles (4km) east of Lipan Point. 
  • GPS Coordinates - 36.03279101574323, -111.85330644529843
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Lipan Point Information

Located at the western end of Grand Canyon Village along the Rim Trail, one-fourth of a mile (0.4 km) from the nearest parking lot. Accommodates 50 people.

Lipan Point is a popular viewpoint for sunset. Consider factoring in extra time to obtain a parking space. For larger groups, consider shuttling guests from the lower parking lot west of Lipan Point.

There are two popular spots at Lipan Point to hold the event. One is at the open area on the west side of the parking area. The other is walking east, past the railing, hidden from the parking lot by trees. 


Indoor Locations South Rim

Park Lodges: 

Indoor weddings or receptions at lodges do not require Special Use Permits. To reserve space contact the lodging directly. Find lodging information on this page.


  • Parking -138 spots
  • # of people limitation - 250
  • Accessible - yes
  • Seasonal closures? - No, there are no seasonal closures. 
  • Closest bathroom - Onsite
  • GPS Coordinates: 36.05433395100229, -112.12365293367492
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Shrine of Ages Information

Located just west of Park Headquarters, the Shrine of the Ages is an National Park Service facility that is used for a variety of events. The Shrine features an auditorium with seating for up to 250, and a multipurpose room which seats up to 60 people. Food and drink (except water) are not permitted within the building.

If you are interested in reserving the Shrine, please contact our office via email to check on availability prior to submitting an application.

Please Note:

  • Parking is available in Parking Lot A. There are 138 parking spots at Parking Lot A but the Shrine of Ages can also be accessed by park shuttle bus or walking.
  • The building is ADA accessible.

Outdoor Locations - North Rim

North Rim sites are permitted between May 15 - October 15 each year. 
Learn more about the North Rim



Cape Royal Amphitheater Information

Located 23 miles (37 km) from the North Rim developed area. A sign points beyond the picnic area to a site with low log benches. Accommodates up to 40 people.


  • Parking?
  • # of people limitation - 20
  • Accessible- The parking lot has an accessible paved path to the area where the ceremony could be viewed from above and nearby. The ceremony area itself is not accessible and has uneven ground. Picture of parking area and permitted site. 
  • Vehicle Access - The road to Point Imperial is open with the North Rim Season. The road may temporarily close due to hazardous weather conditions within the North Rim Season. Vehicles 22 feet and larger are not permitted to drive on the road. 
  • Closest Toilet - Onsite
  • GPS Coordinates - 36.27843306821442, -111.97886215308662
  • Point Imperial Webpage
  • Link to Photo Gallery

Point Imperial Viewpoint Information
Highest viewpoint along the rim at 8,800 feet (2,682 m); located 11 miles (17.7 km) from North Rim developed area. Approved wedding location is to the far right (facing the canyon) of park lot on impacted dirt area. Holds up to 20 people.




Indoor Locations: North Rim

No indoor sites are available for weddings or receptions on the North Rim.

Last updated: November 22, 2023

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