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The research performed by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area revealed a remarkable collection accumulated by staff at the Presidio Army Museum.

GOGA 26675 & 26676 Edna Johnston Collection Box and Key

The Edna P. Johnston Collection features objects owned by Maria Josefa Castro, a member of the Peralta and de Castro families. Both of these families came to Northern California with the de Anza Expedition in 1776 and helped establish the Presidio of San Francisco in addition to several missions throughout California.

GOGA-1766 Major Richard M Deasy Collection Murphy's Daily Journal August 10-11 1893 PSF

The Major Richard M. Deasy Collection illustrates the colorful story of a woman, Isabel Josephine (Murphy) Deasy, who was made "Honorary Colonel" of a volunteer regiment that was encamped at the Presidio of San Francisco during the Spanish American War in 1898.

GOGA 21984 Walter Ross Collection Bugle

The Walter Ross Collection details the military career of Captain Joseph N. Ross, who served in the Spanish American and Philippine American wars with the 1st California Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He also served during the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire with the 1st Battalion, Coast Artillery, California National Guard.

GOGA 27015 J Edward Green Collection Fort Mason General's HQ

TheJ. Edward Green Collection showcases the collecting areas of a member of the Presidio Army Museum's staff and highlights historic buildings and scenes from the Presidio of San Francisco and Fort Mason at the turn of the 20th-century.

GOGA-1766 Viola Grilnberger Connelly Collection SF EQ&F Panormic with Cavalry Soldiers

The Viola Grilnberger Connelly Collection includes exceptional photographs of the 1896 Victorian Cliff House, the U.S. Army presence after the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire including refugee encampments at the Presidio of San Francisco, and the use of San Francisco piers by the Army Transport Service (ATS) at the turn of the 20th-century.

GOGA 22193

The Veronica Tedeschi Collection tells the story of two 1906 Earthquake and Fire Refugee Cottages, nicknamed the "Goldie Shacks," that were rescued from demolition in 1983. The cottages were brought to the Presidio of San Francisco where they became permanent museum installations located behind the Presidio Army Museum (Building 2).

GOGA-1766 Bradley Shelley Collection 1910 Christmas Menu

The Bradley Shelley Collection follows Raymond D. Shelley's time at the Presidio of San Francisco and Fort Winfield Scott with the 38th Company, Coast Artillery Corps in the early 20th-century.

GOGA-1766 James Antick Collection Army-Navy Mules PPIE Photograph

The James Antick Collection combines the stories of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition with the tradition of the Army-Navy Football Game. The photograph shows the donor's father, a player for the Army Mules who served at the Presidio of San Francisco, suited up for an Exposition game circa 1915.

GOGA 20200

The Olive Gilbert Collection tells the story of Olive's husband, Sergeant Harold S. Gilbert, as a young recruit stationed on Fort McDowell, Angel Island in 1917 and features connections to General John J. Pershing and Francisco "Pancho" Villa.

GOGA-1766 Montealegre, Francisco G

The Francisco G. Montealegre Collection includes World War I memorabilia collected by Montealegre as a child and reflects his time growing up in San Francisco, the heir to a wealthy Costa Rican coffee importer. The collection also features artifacts from his career in the 1st Battalion, 6th Coast Artillery stationed at Fort Point after World War II.

GOGA-1766 Mildred Lewis Collection Photograph Lewis in uniform in France

The Mildred Lewis Collection spans the entire life of Mildred Lewis, a former "Hello Girl" who served with the U.S. Army as a telephone operator during World War I. While living in San Francisco after the war, she helped to found the Women's Overseas Service League (WOSL).

GOGA 22884, 24921, 24922, 24993, 27180 Tryon Collection 5 Medals

The Lorin H. Tryon, Jr. Collection delves into the pioneer wool-manufacturing Tryon family, and offers a look at the life of an officer serving with the 316th Supply Train, 91st Infantry Division during World War I. A lifelong resident of San Francisco, Captain Lorin H. Tryon began and ended his career at the Presidio of San Francisco.

GOGA 26366 Bernice Farington Collection Service Coat

The Bernice Farington Collection details the military career of a native Californian, Irwin E. Farington, from his time with the 1st Army Artillery Park during World War I, to his decisive role in the Folsom Prison Riot of 1927 with the California National Guard, and finally into World War II during his time with the 6th U.S. Army at the Presidio of San Francisco.

GOGA-1766 Arthur Traxler Collection Crissy Field Thanksgiving Menu 1935 Cover

The Arthur Traxler Collection features a personal account of life while stationed at Crissy Field as a member of the 91st Observation Squadron in U.S. Army Air Corps in the late 1920s and early 1930s, as seen through holiday programs which belonged to Lee I. Traxler.

GOGA 24766 Colonel Pappas sweatshirt

The Colonel James H. Short and General George H. Pappas Collections elucidate the life of cadets at the West Point Preparatory School hosted by Fort Winfield Scott throughout the 1930s and 1940s.

GOGA 26784 Janet Choynski (Fleishhacker) Bates Collection Armband

The Janet C. (Fleishhacker) Bates Collection highlights the story of two prominent San Franciscan Jewish families with Gold Rush roots: the Choynskis and the Fleishhackers. Janet married into a dynamic family whose name can be found on several public buildings and she participated in home-front activities in San Francisco during World War II

GOGA 26684 Major Ephram Dyer, Jr

The Ephraim Dyer, Jr. Collection details the military career of Ephraim Dyer, Jr., a Coast Artillery officer during World War II and the descendant of California pioneer sugar-manufacturers. Dyer was stationed at Fort Barry with the 65th Coast Artillery.

GOGA 26294 Ralph E

The General Ralph E. Haines, Jr. Collection is a remarkably complete collection of personal artifacts owned and used by Brigadier General Ralph E. Haines, Sr., who commanded the San Francisco Harbor Defenses from Fort Winfield Scott during World War II. The collection offers a comprehensive view of an illustrious 20th-century Coast Artillery officer.

GOGA-1766 Virginia P Hosley Collection Photograph Morton 1881

The Virginia P. Hosley Collection follows the 42 year military career of General Charles G. Morton from his time as a West Point cadet to his roles as Commanding Generals in various parts of the United States.


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