Order of Battle Chancellorsville Union Cavalry

Cavalry Corps: Army of the Potomac:
Brigadier General George Stoneman

First Division:
Brigadier General Alfred Pleasonton

First Brigade:
Colonel Benjamin Davis

8th Illinois Cavalry: Lieut. Col. David R. Clendenin
3d Indiana Cavalry: Col. George H. Chapman
8th New York Cavalry: Lieut. Col. William Markell
9th New York Cavalry: Col. William Sackett

Second Brigade:
Colonel Thomas Devin

1st Michigan Cavalry (1 Company), Company L: Lieut. John K. Truax
6th New York Cavalry:
Lieut. Col. Duncan McVicar (k)
Capt. William E. Beardsley
8th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Maj. Pennock Huey
17th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Col. Josiah Kellogg

Divisional Artillery:

6th New York Independent Artillery: Lieut. Joseph W. Martin

Second Division:
Brigadier General William Averell

First Brigade:
Colonel Horace Sargent

1st Massachusetts Cavalry: Lieut. Col. Greely S. Curtis
4th New York Cavalry: Col. Louis P. Di Cesnola
6th Ohio Cavalry: Maj. Benjamin C. Stanhope
1st Rhode Island Cavalry: Lieut. Col. John L. Thompson

Second Brigade:
Colonel John McIntosh

3rd Pennsylvania Cavalry: Lieut. Col. Edward S. Jones
4th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Lieut. Col. William E. Doster
16th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Lieut. Col. Lorenzo D. Rogers

Divisional Artillery:

2nd United States Artillery, Battery A, Capt. John C. Tidball

Third Division:
Brigadier General David McM. Gregg

First Brigade:
Colonel Judson Kilpatrick

1st Maine Cavalry: Col. Calvin S. Douty
2nd New York Cavalry: Lieut. Col. Henry E. Davies Jr
10th New York Cavalry: Lieut. Col. William Irvine

Second Brigade:
Colonel Percy Wyndham

12th Illinois Cavalry: Lieut. Col. Hasbrouck Davis
1st Maryland Cavalry: Lieut. Col. James M. Deems
1st New Jersey Cavalry: Lieut. Col. Virgil Brodrick
1st Pennsylvania Cavalry: Col. John P. Taylor

Reserve Cavalry Brigade
Brigadier General John Buford

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Maj. Robert Morris Jr.
1st United States Cavalry: Capt. R. S. C. Lord
2nd United States Maj. Charles Whiting
5th United States Cavalry: Capt. James Harrison
6th United States Cavalry: Capt. George C. Cram

Horse Artillery:
Captain James Robertson

2nd United States Horse Artillery, Batteries B and L: Lieut. Albert O. Vincent
2nd United States Horse Artillery, Battery M: Lieut. Robert Clarke
4th United States Horse Artillery, Battery E: Lieut. Samuel S. Elder

Union High Command.
1st Army Corps.

2nd Army Corps.

3rd army Corps.

5th Army Corps.

6th army Corps.

11th Army Corps.

12th Army Corps.

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