Order of Battle Chancellorsville Union 12th Corps

Twelfth Army Corps:

Major General Henry Slocum

Chief of Artillery:

Captain Clermont Best

Provost Guard:

10th Maine (3 Companies), Capt. John D. Beardsley

First Division:
Brigadier General Alpheus Williams

First Brigade:
Brigadier General Joseph Knipe

5th Connecticut:
Col. Warren W. Packer (c)
Lieut. Col. James A. Bette
Maj. David F. Lane
28th New York:
Lieut. Col. Elliott W. Cook (c)
Maj. Theophilus Fitzgerald
46th Pennsylvania:
Maj. Cyrus Strous (mw)
Capt. Edward L. Witman
128th Pennsylvania:
Col. Joseph A. Mathews (c)
Maj. Cephas W. Dyer

Second Brigade:
Colonel Samuel Ross (w)

20th Connecticut:
Lieut. Col. William B. Wooster (c)
Maj. Philo. B. Buckingham
3rd Maryland: Lieut. Col. Gilbert P. Robinson
123rd New York: Col. Archibald L. McDougall
145th New York:
Col. E. Livingston Price (w)
Capt. George W. Reid

Third Brigade:
Brigadier General Thomas Ruger

27th Indiana: Col. Silas Colgrove
2nd Massachusetts: Col. Samuel M. Quincy
13th New Jersey:
Col. Ezra A. Carman
Maj. John Grimes (w)
Capt. George A. Beardsley
107th New York: Col. Alexander S. Diven
3rd Wisconsin: Col. William Hawley

Divisional Artillery:
Captain Robert Fitzhugh

1st New York Light Artillery, Battery K: Lieut. Edward L. Bailey
1st New York Light Artillery, Battery M:
Lieut. Charles E. Winegar (c)
Lieut. John D Woodbury
4th United States Artillery, Battery F:
Lieut. Franklin B. Crosby (k)
Lieut. Edward D. Muhlenberg

Second Division:
Brigadier General John White Geary

First Brigade:
Colonel Charles Candy

5th Ohio:
Lieut. Col. Robert L. Kilpatrick (w)
Maj. Henry E. Symmes
7th Ohio: Col. William R. Creighton
29th Ohio: Lieut. Col. Thomas Clark
66th Ohio: Lieut. Col. Eugene Powell
28th Pennsylvania:
Maj. Lansford F. Chapman (k)
Capt. Conrad U. Meyer
147th Pennsylvania: Lieut. Col. Ario Pardee Jr

Second Brigade:
Brigadier General Thomas Kane

29th Pennsylvania: Lieut. Col. William Rickards Jr
109th Pennsylvania:
Col. Henry J. Stainrook (k)
Capt. John Young Jr
111th Pennsylvania: Col. George A. Cobham Jr
124th Pennsylvania: Lieut. Col. Simon Litzenberg
l25th Pennsylvania: Col. Jacob Higgins

Third Brigade:
Brigadier General George (Pap) Greene

60th New York: Lieut. Col. John C. O. Redington
78th New York:
Maj. Henry R. Stagg
Capt. William H. Randall
102nd New York: Col. James C. Lane
137th New York: Col. David Ireland
149th New York:
Maj. Abel G. Cook (w)
Capt. Oliver T. May
Lieut. Col. Koert S. Van Voorhis

Divisional Artillery:
Captain Joseph Knap

1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery E (Knaps):
Lieut. Charles A. Atwell (w)
Lieut, James D. McGill
Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery F (Hampton):
Capt. Robert B. Hampton (mw)
Lieut. James P. Fleming

Union High Command.
1st Army Corps.
2nd Army Corps.
3rd Army Corps.
5th Army Corps.
6th Army Corps.
11th Army Corps.
Union Cavalry Corps.

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