Order of Battle Chancellorsville Union 2nd Corps

Second Army Corps:

Major General Darius Couch

Chief of Artillery:

Lieutenant Colonel Charles H. Morgan

Headquarters Escort:

6th New York Cavalry, (2 Companies), Companies D and K: Capt. Riley Johnson

First Division:
Major General Winfield Scott Hancock

First Brigade:
Brigadier General John Caldwell

61st New York (Clinton Guards):
Col. Nelson A. Miles (w, moh)
Lieut. Col. K. Oscar Broady
66th New York (Governor’s Guard): (attached): Col. Orlando Morris
148th Pennsylvania:
Col. James A. Beaver (w)
Maj. George A. Fairlamb

Second Brigade (Irish Brigade):
Brigadier General Thomas Meagher

28th Massachusetts: Col. Richard Byrnes
63rd New York (Third Regiment Irish Volunteer’s): Lieut. Col. Richard C. Bentley
69th New York (First Regiment Irish Brigade): Capt. James E. McGee
116th Pennsylvania (battalion, 4 Companies): Maj. St. Clair A. Mulholland

Third Brigade:
Brigadier General Samuel Zook

52nd New York (Sigel Rifles):
Col. Paul Frank
Lieut. Col. Charles G. Freudenberg
57th New York (Zook’s Voltigerus): Lieut. Col. Alford B. Chapman
140th Pennsylvania: Col. Richard P. Roberts

Fourth Brigade:
Colonel John Brooke

27th Connecticut: Col. Richard S. Bostwick (c)
2nd Delaware: Lieut. Col. David L. Stricker
64th New York: Col. Daniel G. Bingham
53rd Pennsylvania: Lieut. Col. Richards McMichael
145th Pennsylvania: Col. Hiram L. Brown

Fifth Brigade (attached):
Colonel Edward Cross

5th New Hampshire: Lieut. Col. Charles Hapgood
Pennsylvania: Col. H. Boyd McKeen (w)
New York: Col. Patrick Kelly

Divisional Artillery:
Captain Rufus Pettit

1st New York Light Artillery, Battery B: Capt. Rufus D. Pettit
4th United States, Battery C: Lieut. Evan Thomas

Second Division:
Brigadier General John Gibbon

First Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General Alfred Sully
(2.) Colonel Henry Hudson
(3.) Colonel Byron Laflin

19th Maine: Col. Francis Heath
15th Massachusetts: Maj. George C. Joslin
1st Minnesota: Lieut. Col. William Colvill, Jr
34th New York:
Col. Byron Laflin
Lieut. Col. John Beverly
82d New York (2d Militia):
Col. Henry W. Hudson
Lieut. Col. James Huston

Second Brigade (Philadelphia Brigade):
Brigadier General Joshua T. Owen

69th Pennsylvania: Col. Dennis O'Kane
71st Pennsylvania: Col. Richard P. Smith
72d Pennsylvania: Col. De Witt C. Baxter
106th Pennsylvania: Col. Turner G. Morehead

Third Brigade:
Colonel Norman Hall

19th Massachusetts: Lieut. Col. Arthur F. Devereux.
20th Massachusetts (Harvard Regiment): Lieut. Col. George N. Macy
7th Michigan: Capt. Amos E. Steele, Jr
49d New York: Col. James E. Mallon
59th New York: Lieut. Col. Max A. Thoman
127th Pennsylvania: Col. William W. Jennings

Divisional Artillery:

1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery A: Capt. William A. Arnold
1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery B: Lieut. T. Frederick Brown


1st Company Massachusetts: Capt. William Plumer

Third Division:
Major General William (Blinky) French

First Brigade:
Colonel Samuel Carroll

14th Indiana: Col. John Coons
24th New Jersey: Col. William B. Robertson
28th New Jersey:
Lieut. Col. John A. Wildrick (c)
Maj. Samuel K. Wilson
4th Ohio: Lieut. Col. Leonard W. Carpenter
8th Ohio: Lieut. Col. Franklin Sawyer
7th West Virginia:
Col. Joseph Snider
Lieut. Col. Jonathan H. Lockwood

Second Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General William Hays (c)
(2.) Colonel Charles Powers

14th Connecticut: Maj. Theodore G. Ellis
12th New Jersey:
Col. J. Howard Willets (w)
Maj. John T. Hill
108th New York:
Col. Charles J. Powers
Lieut. Col. Francis E. Pierce
130th Pennsylvania:
Col. Levi Maish (w)
Maj. Joseph S. Jenkins

Third Brigade:
(1) Colonel John MacGregor
(2) Colonel Charles Albright

1st Delaware: Col. Thomas A. Smyth
4th New York: Lieut. Col. William Jameson
132nd Pennsylvania:
Col. Charles Albright
Lieut. Col. Joseph E. Shreve

Divisional Artillery:

1st New York Light Artillery, Battery G: Lieut. Nelson Ames
1st Rhode Island Light, Battery G: Capt. George W. Adams

Second Corps Reserve Artillery:

1st United States Artillery, Battery I: Lieut. Edmund Kirby (mw)
4th United States Artillery, Battery A: Lieut. Alonzo H. Cushing

Union High Command.

1st Army Corps.

2nd Army Corps.

3rd Army Corps.
5th Army Corps.

6th Army Corps.
11th Army Corps.
12th Army Corps.

Union Cavalry Corps.

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