Order of Battle Chancellorsville: Union 1st Army Corps

First Army Corps, Army of the Potomac:

Major General John Reynolds

Chief of Artillery: Colonel Charles Wainwright

Headquarters Escort:

1st Maine Cavalry, Company L: Capt. Constantine Taylor.

First Division:

Brigadier General James Wadsworth

First Brigade:

Colonel Walter Phelps, Jr

22nd New York: Maj. Thomas J. Strong
24th New York: Col. Samuel R. Beardsley
30th New York: Col. William M. Searing
84th New York (14th Militia): Col. Edward B. Fowler

Second Brigade:
Brigadier General Lysander Cutler

7th Indiana: Lieut. Col. Ira G. Grover
76th New York (Cortland County Regiment): Col. William P. Wainwright
95th New York (Warren Rifles): Col. George H. Biddle
147th New York (Oswego Regiment): Col. John G. Butler
56th Pennsylvania: Col. William Hofmann

Third Brigade:
Brigadier General: Gabriel Paul

22nd New Jersey: Col. Abraham G. Demarest
29th New Jersey: Col. William R. Taylor
30th New Jersey: Col. John J. Cladek
31st New Jersey: Lieut. Col. Robert R. Honeyman
137th Pennsylvania: Col. Joseph B. Kiddoo

Fourth Brigade (Iron Brigade):
Brigadier General Solomon (Long Sol) Meredith

19th Indiana: Col. Samuel J. Williams
24th Michigan: Col. Henry A. Morrow
2nd Wisconsin: Col. Lucius Fairchild
6th Wisconsin: Col. Edward S. Bragg
7th Wisconsin: Col. William W. Robinson

Divisional Artillery:
Captain John A. Reynolds

1st New Hampshire Light Artillery: Capt. Frederick Edgell
1st New York Light, Battery L: Capt. John A. Reynolds
4th United States, Battery B, Lieut. James Stewart

Second Division:
Brigadier General John Robinson

First Brigade:
Colonel Adrian Root

16th Maine: Col. Charles W. Tilden
94th New York (Belle Jefferson Rifles): Capt. Samuel A. Moffett
104th New York (Wadsworth Guards): Col. Gilbert G. Prey
107th Pennsylvania: Col. Thomas F. McCoy

Second Brigade:
Brigadier General Henry Baxter

12th Massachusetts (Webster Regiment): Col. James L. Bates
26th New York: Lieut. Col. Gilbert S. Jennings
90th Pennsylvania: Col. Peter Lyle
136th Pennsylvania: Col. Thomas M. Bayne

Third Brigade:
Colonel Samuel Leonard

13th Massachusetts: Lieut. Col. N. Walter Batchelder
83d New York (9th Militia): Lieut. Col. Joseph A. Moesch
97th New York: Col. Charles Wheelock
11th Pennsylvania: Col. Richard Coulter
88th Pennsylvania (Cameron Light Guards): Lieut. Col. Louis Wagner

Divisional Artillery:
Captain Dunbar Ranom

2nd Maine Artillery, Battery B: Capt. James A. Hall
5th Maine Artillery, Battery E:
Capt. George F. Leppien (w)
Lieut. Edmund Kirby (mw)
Lieut. Greenleaf T. Stevens
Pennsylvania Independent Light Artillery, Battery C: Capt. James Thompson
5th United States, Battery C: Capt. Dunbar R. Ransom

Third Division:
Major General Abner Doubleday

First Brigade:
Brigadier General Thomas Rowley

121st Pennsylvania: Col. Chapman Biddle
135th Pennsylvania: Col. James R. Porter
142nd Pennsylvania: Col. Robert P. Cummins
151st Pennsylvania (School Teacher Regiment): Col. Harrison Allen

Second Brigade (Bucktail Brigade):
Colonel Roy Stone

143rd Pennsylvania: Col. Edmund L. Dana
149th Pennsylvania (Second Bucktails): Lieut. Col. Walton Dwight
150th Pennsylvania (Third Bucktails): Col. Langhorne Wister

Divisional Artillery:
Major Ezra Matthews

1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery B: Capt. James H. Cooper
1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery F: Lieut. R. Bruce Ricketts
1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery G: Capt. Frank P. Amsden

Union High Command.

2nd Army Corps.
3rd Army Corps.

5th Army Corps.

6th Army Corps.

11th Army Corps.

12th Army Corps.

Union Cavalry Corps.

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