Post Sutler-Regulations

Sutler at Fort Scott
254… The Post Council shall have power from time to time, to prescribe the quantity and kind of clothing, small equipments, and soldiers; necessaries, groceries, and all articles which the sutler may be held bound to keep on hand, to supply the probable wants of the officers and men; to examine the sutler's books and papers; and on actual inspection, to fix the tariff of prices of the said goods or commodities. For this purpose, the Council shall also examine, as far a practicable, the prices for which similar articles are sold in the vicinity of the post , and determine the prices accordingly. To inspect the sutler's weights, measures, &c, &c.

256… When there is a sutler with troops, he shall, for the privilege enjoyed, be assessed, and held to pay, at the end of every two months, or oftener; as may be determined by the Council of Administration of the post, at a rate not exceeding twelve cents a month for every officer and enlisted soldier serving at the post-the monthly average number of such persons to be determined equitably by the said Council.

279… Every military post may have one Sutler, to be appointed by the Secretary of War only upon the recommendation of the council of Administration, approved by the commanding officer.

280… A Sutler shall hold his office for a term of three years, unless sooner removed; at the expiration of which time, he may be re-appointed by the War Department, upon the same recommendation as specified in paragraph 279.

281… Besides the amenability of the Sutler, under the 60th Article of War, he may be removed by the Secretary of War, or suspended from the privilege of suttling, by the commanding officer of the post, until the decision of the War Department can be known in the cause.

282… In case of non-appointment, accidental vacancy, or suspension, the commanding officer of the post, upon the nomination of the Council of Administration, may appoint a person to act as Sutler, until the pleasure of the Secretary of War be made known there upon. In case the Secretary of War does not appoint the person nominated by the Council, or approve of the one temporarily selected by the commanding officer, he will then designate a person to act as Sutler, until an appointment be made in the mode prescribed in paragraph 279.

283… Troops in campaign, on detachment, or on distant service, will be allowed Sutlers, at the rate of one for every regiment, corps, or separate detachment; to be appointed by the commanding officer of such regiment, corps, or detachment, upon the recommendation of the Council of Administration, subject to the approval of the General, or other officer in command.

284… Sutlers shall be considered, by their warrants, as superior to enlisted soldiers; they are not entitled, however, to exercise any military authority over soldiers, but will be treated with respect, and protected in their places.

285… The commanding officer will lend his authority to protect the Sutler in his privileges; and no tax or burden, in any shape, other than the authorized assessment for the post-fund, will be imposed on him. If there is a spare building, the use of it may be allowed to the Sutler, he being responsible that it is kept in repair. If there be no such building, he will be allowed to erect one suitable to his purpose; but this article gives the Sutler no claim to quarters, transportation for himself or goods, or to any military allowance whatever.

286… The tariff of prices fixed by the Council of Administration shall be exposed in a conspicuous place, in the Sutler's store. No difference of prices will be allowed, on cash or credit sales.

287… No Sutler shall credit any enlisted soldier, within the same month, to exceed one-half of his monthly pay, without sanction, in writing, from the soldier's company commander.

288… Sutlers are not allowed to keep ardent spirits, under penalty of losing their situation.

289… Due-bills are in no case to be issued to soldiers by Sutlers.

290… Sutlers are expressly prohibited from farming out, or underletting to another, the business and privileges granted by their appointment; and any Sutler who shall violate this regulation, shall forthwith be removed.
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