Appalachian National Scenic Trail

A map of the Appalachian Trail as it winds its way through the national recreation area
The Appalachian Trail weaves its way thru over 20 miles of the Delaware Water Gap NRA.


The Appalachian National Scenic Trail (AT) extends along the spine of the Appalachian Mountains from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine. Of the 2,174 miles of trail, 28 miles are within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Whether hiking for a couple of hours, for the day, or for the entire length of the trail, the AT provides opportunities for majestic views, wildlife sightings, and hiking challenges.

Regulations for the Appalachian Trail within the Park

  • Hikers should carry sufficient water for the entire hike. Water along the trail may not be suitable for consumption. All water should be chemically treated or boiled for 5 minutes.
  • All human waste must be buried at least 6 inches deep and 100 feet or more from any stream, trail, unpaved road or park facility.
  • Carry out all trash.
  • Cutting, defacing or removing any natural feature is prohibited.
  • Pets must be on a 6-foot leash at all times.
  • Horseback riding, biking, and all types of motorized vehicles (except authorized vehicles) are prohibited on the trail within the recreation area.

Mileage along the AT within the Park

From To Miles Rating
Park Border (Totts Gap), PA Mt. Minsi, PA 2.4 easy-moderate
Mt. Minsi, PA Delaware Water Gap, PA 1.8 moderate
Delaware Water Gap, PA Dunnfield Creek, NJ 1.7 easy-moderate
Dunnfield Creek, NJ Holly Spring/Beulahland trails, NJ 1.6 moderate-difficult
Holly Spring/Beulahland trails, NJ Douglas Trail, NJ 1.6 moderate-difficult
Douglas Trail, NJ Garvey Springs Trail, NJ 1.5 moderate
Garvey Springs Trail, NJ Kaiser Trail, NJ 2.3 moderate
Kaiser Trail, NJ Camp Road (Mohican Outdoor Center), NJ 2.0 moderate
Camp Road (Mohican Outdoor Center), NJ Rattlesnake Swamp Trail, NJ 1.5 moderate
Rattlesnake Swamp Trail (south), NJ Rattlesnake Swamp Trail (north), NJ 1.5 easy-moderate
Rattlesnake Swamp Trail (north), NJ County Road 602, NJ 1.4 easy-moderate
County Road 602, NJ Blue Mountain Lake Road, NJ 3.6 moderate
Blue Mountain Lake Road, NJ Crater Lake Trail, NJ 1.5 moderate
Crater Lake Trail, NJ Crater Lake/Hemlock Pond Connector Trail, NJ 0.5 moderate-difficult
Crater Lake/Hemlock Pond Connector Trail, NJ Buttermilk Falls Trail, NJ 0.9 easy-moderate
Buttermilk Falls Trail, NJ Park Boundary, Blue Mountain, NJ 3.1 moderate

Parking for the AT within the Park

Overnight along the AT within the Park

If you plan on parking your vehicle overnight within the park boundries, be sure to fill out the overnight parking log.

Trails that connect to the AT within the Park

More information about the AT:

Appalachian National Scenic Trail
Appalachian Trail Conservancy

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Last updated: October 16, 2023

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