The start of the Red Dot Trail is a set of wooden steps without any railings, that look well-worn, and rise sharply as thick foliage surrounds both sides of the stairs.
The Red Dot Trail's stairs are the beginning of a physically challenging trail. Please come prepared with necessities like hiking boots, extra water, and sunscreen.

NPS/Michael Cuff

A Trail For Every Sole

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area offers over 150 miles of trails of various difficulty levels. From wheelchair accessible trails, like Dingmans Falls boardwalk trail, to strenuous hikes, like the Mount Tammany Red Dot Trail, there is a perfect adventure for everyone.

When getting ready for a woodsy adventure, remember hiking safety protocols. Visitors should wear sturdy footwear with soles made for hiking, bring water for all hikers and pets, and leave no trace when recreating in the park.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation encompasses more than 70,000 acres with varying weather patterns. When planning a hike, always check the local weather before and during your visit.

Important Parking Information

Parking lots for our most popular trails like Mt. Tammany, Mt. Minsi, Raymondskill Falls, Dingmans Falls, Hackers Falls in Pennsylvania, and Buttermilk Falls in New Jersey, are usually full by 9:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays, during the spring to fall seasons.

Avoid crowded trailheads by hiking early on weekends, enjoying the quieter weekdays, or choosing a less traveled trail, such as Conashaugh Trail System in Pennsylvania, or Coventry Pond Trail in New Jersey.

If you have any questions or want more infomation, call our park headquarters at (570) 426-2452. You can also check our Facebook page on summer weekends for real time updates.


Park Trails

A trail surrounded by colorful fall foliage.
Hiking on less popular trails during the cooler months can help you avoid crowds.

NPS Photo/D.Mohr

Northern Trails

Trail Name Miles Rating* Highlights Status
Buchanan 1.1 E-M forest OPEN
Childs Park 1.4 E-M forest, waterfalls, history CLOSED
Cliff 2.8 M forest, scenic vista OPEN
Conashaugh View 8.7 M-D forest OPEN
Dingmans Creek 0.4 E forest, waterfalls OPEN
Hackers 1.4 M forest, waterfall OPEN
Lower Hornbecks Creek 1.9 E-D forest, waterfall OPEN
Upper Hornbecks Creek 0.8 M-D forest, waterfall OPEN
McDade Recreation 31.0 E-D forest, fields, river OPEN **
Milford Knob 1.3 M-D forest, scenic vista OPEN
Pond Loop 0.7 E forest, pond OPEN
Quarry Path 0.5 M-D forest OPEN
Raymondskill Creek 0.3 M-D forest, waterfall OPEN
Upper Ridge Road 2.5 E-M forest OPEN
E = Easy
M = Moderate
D = Difficult
** Note: The section of the McDade Trail between the Pittman Orchard and Conashaugh trailheads is closed annually between February and July for important resource protection (Nesting Eagles and Raptors).
A slim image of the McDade Trail.
Trails can vary from easy walks to strenuous hikes. Make sure to plan your trip accordingly!

NPS Photo

Central Trails

Trail Name Miles Rating* Highlights Status
Appalachian 28.0 E-M-D forest, scenic vista OPEN
Blue Mountain Lake 5.9 E-M forest, lake OPEN
Buttermilk Falls 1.4 D forest, waterfall OPEN
Coppermine 2.0 M-D forest, history OPEN
Coventry Pond 0.9 E-M forest, pond OPEN
Crater Lake 1.6 E-M forest, lake OPEN
Donkeys Corner 1.8 M-D forest, stream OPEN
Fossil 1.3 M forest, fossil OPEN
Hamilton Ridge 2.8 E-M forest OPEN
Hemlock Pond 1.0 E forest, pond OPEN
Hidden Lake 1.9 E forest, lake OPEN
Kaiser 2.0 M-D forest OPEN
McDade Recreation 31.0 E-M-D forest, fields, river OPEN
Military Road 1.1 M forest, history OPEN
Orchard 0.5 M-D forest OPEN
Pioneer 2.5 E-M forest OPEN
Railway Avenue 0.4 E forest, history OPEN
Rattlesnake Swamp 2.6 E-M forest, wetland OPEN
Ridgeline 3.2 M forest OPEN
Scenic Gorge 2.0 M forest OPEN
Toms Creek 0.8 E forest, stream OPEN
Tumbling Waters 2.8 M-D forest, waterfall OPEN
Two Ponds 1.5 E forest, pond OPEN
Van Campens Glen 1.5 M forest, waterfall OPEN
Walpack Ridge 3.0 M forest, pond OPEN

E = Easy
M = Moderate
D = Difficult
Hikers standing on top of Mount Tammany looking at the Delaware Water Gap.
Knowing where you are, where you want to go, and the best way to get there is an important part of planning for your trip!

NPS Photo/C. Finneran

Southern Trails

Trail Name Miles Rating* Highlights Status
Appalachian 28.0 E-M-D forest, scenic vista OPEN
Arrow Island 0.9 M forest OPEN
Beulahland° 1.3 M forest OPEN
Douglas° 1.6 D forest OPEN
Dunnfield Creek° 3.5 M forest, stream OPEN
Garvey Springs° 1.2 D forest OPEN
Holly Springs° 0.4 M forest OPEN
McDade Recreation 31.0 E-M-D forest, field, river OPEN
Mt. Tammany (Red Dot)° 1.2 D forest, scenic vista OPEN
Pahaquarry (Blue Blaze)° 1.7 D forest, scenic vista OPEN
Rockcores° 2.7 M forest OPEN
Slateford Loop 2.5 E-M forest, history OPEN
Turquoise° 1.1 E-M forest, scenic vista OPEN
E = Easy
M = Moderate
D = Difficult
° = This trail is located in Worthington State Forest
On a sunny day, a large commuter shuttle bus loads passengers. There is a small tree with summer leaves to the left of the bus
The MCTA Pocono Pony Hiker Shuttle is a great alternative to trying to find parking at our most popular trails. Don't miss the bus! Click on the photo for more details

NPS/Michael Cuff

Hiker Shuttle Information

Many of our most popular trails become overwhelmed with visitors on weekends and holidays. These high visitation days lead to extremely limited parking. To ensure all of our visitors have a chance to experience these popular sites, we have shuttles running from auxillary parking areas to the trailheads and river accesses.

The Hiker Shuttle is provided through a partnership between the National Park Service and the Monroe County Transportation Authority. To learn more about the program or view shuttle routes and schedule information, please visit the MCTA Hiker Shuttle website.

Shuttles will be running from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The Raymondkill Falls Hiker Shuttle

This shuttle will be the only way to access the Raymondskill Falls Recreation Area and the Hackers Falls Trailhead on weekends and holidays beginning May 27th through Labor Day, September 4th.

This shuttle can be picked up at the Milford Knob Trailhead, and operates every 20 minutes, from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

The River Runner Shuttle

Back by popular demand! This shuttle has the capacity to transport up to 10 kayaks or canoes, and 4 bicycles.

The River Runner route begins at the Delaware Water Gap Park and Ride at 8:10am, with northbound shuttles every hour until 1:15pm. The southbound route begins at Milford Beach at 10:00am, with shuttles every hour until 3:05pm. Visitors can flag this shuttle down at a number of safe "flag stop" locations along the way, including Park Headquarters.

The Delaware Water Gap Hiker Shuttle

This shuttle is a 35-foot bus to transport larger crowds between hiking areas at Kittatinny Point, Dunfield Creek, and the Borough of Delaware Water Gap.

The shuttle begins at the Delaware Water Gap Park and Ride at 10:00am, with busses every thirty minutes until 5:30pm.

It is important to note that for this year, the shuttle will only operate on these holiday weekends only:

  • May 27th - 31st, 2023
  • July 1st, 2nd, & 4th, 2023
  • September 2nd - 4th, 2023

For additional information, please see the MCTA website for shuttle routes within the park: 501 National Park Shuttles A brochure created by MCTA can be found here: 2023 Shuttles

Last updated: May 17, 2023

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