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A sign that states "Area Closed" along a fence with trees in the background.
Area closures are for the protection of both our visitors and of the resources.

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Temporary Area Closures in the Park

The following areas within the park are closed to visitors due to construction or seasonal operations.

New Jersey Closures

Construction Closures

  • Watergate Recreation Site - More info available here.

Road Closures

  • Route 615 from Pompey Ridge Road to the Flatbrook Bridge
  • Mountain Road from Buttermilk Falls south to Hainey Mills

Seasonal Summer Conditions

  • Mountain Road in Walpack, NJ will be open to vehicles between the Walpack Cemetery and the Haneys Mill Bridge. The road is closed to vehicles beyond the bridge and from the south end at Haneys Mill due to the closure of the state-owned section of the road for repairs.
  • Crater Lake, including Skyline Drive and the upper section of Blue Mountain Lakes Road, will re-open to vehicles daily until late-May when it will be closed to vehicles Friday evenings through Monday afternoons until mid-October. The road will remain closed to vehicles on federal holidays that fall on Mondays.

Pennsylvania Closures

Construction Closures

  • George W. Childs Park and associated trails
  • National Park Drive (including Slateford Bridge)
  • Route 611 Scenic Drive from Delaware Water Gap to Slateford
    • Includes Resort Point, Point of Gap, and Arrow Island Overlooks during construction.

As a reminder, the following area closures go into effect on May 1 and remain in effect until September 30 annually:

  • Adams Creek Trail and parking areas, including the drainage, from the Sproul Road and Long Meadow Road Parking Areas downstream to US Route 209;
  • White Pines McDade Trail parking area
  • Raymondskill Creek drainage, from the base of the lower falls, including the pool area, downstream to the confluence of the Delaware River, including the Schanno House (former) parking area and grounds on the west side of US Route 209 at Raymondskill Creek. This closure does not include the McDade Recreational Trail or the Raymondskill Falls Trail.

Infographic with guidelines on safe recreation
Hiking safely means planning before you go. Don't forget to let someone know your hiking plans.

NPS Graphic

Limited Services Available: Visit Responsibly

Most park trails are open, but some bathrooms are closed and services are limited. Law enforcement is on duty. All park regulations apply.

  • Avoid crowded trailheads
    If the parking lot is full, find a different trail. There are many available to you.
  • Park only in designated areas
    Illegally parked cars will be ticketed and towed.
  • Maintain social distance
    Even when outside, stay at least 6 feet from other people.
  • Pack out your trash
    Please help us keep you, wildlife, and employees safe.
  • Hike Safely
    Protect search and rescue personnel. Stay out of closed areas, mark the location of your car, and know your limits.

Last updated: May 24, 2023

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