Current Conditions

Area Closures

The following areas are closed to all public entry:

  • Conashaugh View Horse Trail in PA
  • George W. Childs Park Trail in PA
  • Adams Creek in PA

Pay attention to road and trail closure signage, and visit for the latest updates. Note: a Facebook account is not necessary to view posts on Facebook.


Seasonal Road Closures

  • Blue Mountain Lakes Road (in New Jersey) above the Blue Mountain Lakes trailhead parking area – closed January 2 until mid-April

  • Skyline Drive (in New Jersey) – closed January 2 until April 15

  • Mountain Road - closed January 2 until April 15
  • Dirt section of Old Mine Road south of Van Campen Inn
  • Old Mine Road between Worthington State Forest and Millbrook Village - closed January 2 until April 15. (May be opened temporarily during this period if there is no snow or ice on the pavement surface or in the forecast.)
  • Hialeah Picnic Area – closed at first significant snowfall until April 15
  • River Road in PA - closed prior to snow and/or ice events and will not be re-opened until priority routes are clear and safe and conditions permit.
  • Zion Church Road will be plowed after River Road has been opened.
  • George W. Childs Park – CLOSED DUE TO STORM DAMAGE
Additional information about seasonal road closures

National Weather Service

Upper Delaware River

Middle Delaware River

Lower Delaware River

USGS Current Water Data

Three gauges monitor the river and two major tributaries within the park. Ideal canoeing and kayaking conditions are generally considered at river levels under seven feet (as measured at the Montague gauge).

High Water Events

A High Water Event is declared when the predicted water levels may necessitate the closing of buildings, facilities, roads, and/or the river corridor itself. The park takes specific actions when the river levels are predicted to reach specific heights as indicated at the Montague gage.
  • 8 feet and higher – wearing lifejacket is mandatory; no swimming is permitted at river beaches
  • 13 feet and higher – Bushkill Access is closed
  • 15 feet and higher – river is considered dangerous; all river access closed; no boating permitted
  • 23 feet and higher – parts of US 209, Old Mine Rd, and River Rd closed due to water on roadway

Last updated: February 10, 2020

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