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Trek on over to the park for some great hiking along our recommended trails. Dress for the weather and wear appropriate footwear. Don't forget a snack and water!

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    Other Popular Destinations

    A wooded boardwalk ends in a rectangular platform overlooking a valley filled with green treetops.
    Tinker's Creek Gorge Scenic Overlook.

    NPS / Nick Roll

    An Accessible Overlook

    Location: Bedford Reservation - Tinker's Creek Gorge Scenic Overlook
    Trailhead: 1.5 miles east of Dunham Rd. on Gorge Parkway, Walton Hills 44146
    Distance: Negligible
    Elevation: Flat
    Interest: Tinker's Creek Gorge is a National Natural Landmark. This overlook will show you why. This viewing area is located next to the parking lot. Consider using the All Purpose Trail to do some exploring or combine this with a trip to Bridal Veil Falls (rough surface trail).

    View of a valley from an elevated perspective; treetops fade from green to bluish in the distance.
    I-80 Overlook from the Buckeye Trail.

    NPS / Nick Roll

    I-80 Overlook

    Location: Buckeye Trail
    Trailhead: Boston, 1550 Boston Mills Road, Peninsula 44264
    Distance: 1.5 Miles Total (out and back)
    Elevation: ~150 feet
    Interest: Head south on the Towpath Trail from the Boston Trailhead. Turn Left onto the Buckeye Trail at the trail intersection between the high-level bridges. Follow the trail into the woods and continue up the hill until you reach the fence overlooking I-80. The interstate is noisy but the view is great. A little cropping in the photo and you might just forget about the highway.

    Green trees in the foreground yield to bluish distant trees behind.
    Old Carriage Trail Overlook.

    NPS / Nick Roll

    Old Carriage Overlook

    Location: Old Carriage Trail (north end)
    Trailhead Option 1: Station Road Bridge Trailhead 9141 Riverview Road, Brecksville 44141
    Trailhead Option 2: Red Lock Trailhead 1175 Highland Road, Sagamore Hills 44067
    Distance: 1.5 Miles one-way from either trailhead
    Elevation: ~120 Feet
    Interest: This is a neat spot that is worth the effort. Hike from either trailhead following the Towpath Trail to the intersection with the Old Carriage Trail. There are two intersections for Old Carriage with the Towpath Trail. A quarter mile up the hill from the northern entrance there is a trail intersection marked "overlook" to the left. The trail will end at a loop and a bench. Follow the social trail that leads down the hill from the bench. It ends at a steep break in the trees. Visit this spot after the leaves have fallen for a better view.

    A field of mown grass and neat rows of small evergreen trees; taller deciduous trees in the distance.
    Tree Farm Trail View.

    NPS / Nick Roll

    Tree Farm Trail View

    Location: Horseshoe Pond/Tree Farm Trail
    Trailhead: 2075 Major Road, Peninsula 44264
    Distance: 2.75 Miles for the whole loop
    Elevation: 80 Feet
    Interest: Follow the Tree Farm Trail clockwise from the pond for a shorter trip to the view point. The trail will break out into a meadow with a nice view toward Peninsula and of the tree line to the southwest. Please respect private property by sticking to the trail. The tree rows belong to Heritage Farms and are not open to the public.


    Tips for Hiking with Children

    • Dress children in layers and bring clothing for changing weather conditions.
    • Bring along a liter of water per person and a snack.
    • Bring sunscreen and insect repellent. Avoid fragrant lotions that may attract insects.
    • Choose a hike that is appropriate for your child; not too long. Keep your trip fun.
    • Take frequent breaks when hiking with young children. It gives them time to rest and explore.
    • Bring along a camera. Pictures will help them remember the experience.
    • Take time to talk with children and encourage them to explore things along the trail.

    Tips for Hiking with Dogs

    • Keep your dog on a leash no longer than six feet.
    • Keep your dog under control.
    • Pick up your dog's waste and carry it out.
    • Plan for your pet's needs by bringing along a bowl, water, and a snack.

    Last updated: March 1, 2022

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