Yellow warbler feeds on grub.
Yellow warbler feeds on green grub.


Cuyahoga Valley National Park's diverse landscape provides habitat for about 250 species of birds. A total of 28 of these species are of concern for conservation, and the park provides important habitat for these species.

Songbirds are found in CNVP throughout the year, though large numbers migrate through the area in spring and fall. To learn more about these songbirds, researchers are currently performing two studies. A study of the relative abundance of forest songbirds and their specific habitat requirements within the park is underway. Another study focuses on the potential value of electric utility corridors for migrating songbirds.


Wetland Habitats
The park's riverine and wetland habitats support many different bird species. Great blue herons, not known to nest in the park before the 1980s, now raise young in three heronries within or adjacent to the park boundary. Wood ducks, Canada geese, and other waterfowl are found throughout the park.


10 raptors are either summer or year-round residents of the Cuyahoga Valley. Bald Eagles returned to the park in 2006, after at least a 70-year leave of absence, and are now regularly seen throughout the park. Learn more about bald eagles in the park.


Going Bird Watching?

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Throughout the year, join park rangers and volunteers to discover why the Audubon Society has designated CVNP as an Important Bird Area. All events are listed in our online calendar.

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Last updated: June 28, 2020

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