Life on the Farm

Historical photo of four farmers unloading hay from two wagons each drawn by two draft horses with a very large pile of hay and a large barn in the background.
Crosier family and early farm life in Ohio

Courtesy/Bath Township Historical Society

Historic photo of a farmer tapping sap from maple trees while another person is off to the right side pouring syrup into a large vat.
Gathering maple sap from buckets, 1927.

Courtesy/Cleveland Press Collection

Life on the farm revolved around the seasons. Each season brought its own chores and tasks that needed to be done to keep food on the table, a roof overhead, and the farm functioning.

The year might begin with the farmers in the woodlot cutting timber or in the pond cutting ice. Later, maple trees needed tapping for sap to make syrup. Spring meant plowing and planting and, for the farmer's wife, churning butter. Summer brought weeding and hoeing, followed by more weeding and then harvesting. The farmer's wife gathered garden produce to preserve, gel, salt, pickle, dry, or put up. Fall brought the harvesting of wheat, corn, oats, and the remaining garden produce. The fall ended with butchering— more time in the kitchen for the farmer's wife. Throughout the winter, grains were threshed and equipment was repaired for another season's use. And, for most, each Sunday brought a day of rest after a long week at work.

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