Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive to the island?
No, the island is only accessible by boat.

Can I take my private boat to the island?
Yes, you can drive your private boat to Cumberland Island. Click this link to learn more about boating and kayaking.

Can I take my car on the public ferry?
No, it is a passenger-only ferry.
How much is a round-trip ferry ride and what is the schedule?
Ferry fees vary in price by age group and are separate from our National Park Service entrance fee. The ferry schedule changes by season. Click this link to visit our concessioner's website for a listing of prices, the ferry schedule, and to purchase tickets.

How much is the National Park Service entrance fee?
The entrance fee is $10 per person for visitors aged 16 and up. Children aged 15 and younger, as well as America the Beautiful passholders, are free.

What is an America the Beautiful Pass and what does it cover?
America the Beautiful passes cover the NPS entrance fee for the cardholder and up to three other adults.

I already paid for camping online, does that cover my National Park Service entrance fee?
Camping fees do not include the National Park Service entry fee. The NPS entrance fee can only be paid at the time of check-in.

I am taking a private boat to the island, how can I pay my entrance fee?
Private boaters can deposit their payment into locked boxes located near Sea Camp Dock, Dungeness Dock, or Plum Orchard Dock.

Does the ferry run in inclement weather?
The ferry operates rain or shine. Operations would only be cancelled in the event of mechanical issues or extreme weather conditions.

Click this link for more information on fees and passes.
Where do I go to check in?
Check-in takes place at the Cumberland Island National Seashore St. Marys Visitor Center, at 113 St. Marys St., St Marys, GA 31558.

What do I need with me to check in?
Come prepared with your ferry reservation confirmation, ID, form of payment for park entrance fee and ferry fees (if ferry fees not paid in advance), America the Beautiful Pass (if you are a passholder), and camping permit (if camping).

What time do I need to check in?
Check in one hour before your ferry is scheduled to leave.

I already paid online, why do I need to check in?
All visitors must check in at the visitor center to be issued their ferry boarding passes, pay park entrance fees, and to ensure an accurate count of visitors boarding the ferry.

Click this link for more information on check-in.
Do I need bug repellent?
Bug repellent is recommended due to presence of mosquitoes, gnats, and ticks.

Are there restaurants on the island?
There are no restaurants or shops on the island, so pack accordingly.

Are there bathrooms on the island?
Yes, bathrooms are marked on the map which can be picked up during check-in or at Sea Camp Ranger Station.

Can I get water on the island?
Yes, potable water filling stations are marked on the map. Water sources North of Sea Camp are non-potable and must be treated before consumption, other than at Plum Orchard where drinking water is available.

Are there places to charge my phone?
There are a few outlets at Sea Camp Ranger Station and the Sea Camp Campground bathrooms that can be used for charging cell phones.

Can I bring my dog?
Pets are permitted on the island but must be on leash and must be transported by private boat as they are not permitted on the ferry. Click this link to read more about pets and service animals.

Can I bring a drone?
Drones are prohibited in National Park Service sites. Click this link to read more about why drones are not allowed.
Can I rent bikes on the island?
Bikes are available for rent at the bike rack next to the ranger station upon arrival to the island through our concessioner.

Can I bring my own bike on the ferry to the island?
Personal bikes may be brought on the ferry for a fee and may be reserved ahead of time as space for bikes is limited. Please make reservations for your personal bikes when you reserve your ferry tickets.

Where can I ride my bike on the island?
Bikes are permitted on the main road, North Cut Road, and the road to Plum Orchard Mansion.

I am disabled, what are my options for getting around on the island?
Three beach wheelchairs are available for visitor use at no cost and our concessioner offers a van tour of the island for a fee. Click this link to learn more about accessibility.

Can rangers give me a ride?
Rangers are not able to give visitors rides on the island.

Are there hiking trails on the island?
There are over 50 miles of hiking trails on the island. Click this link to learn more about hiking.
Please be realistic with distances and keep in mind that mileages below are one-way. The main road is graded with sand and can become bumpy and soft in sections making it difficult for bike riding.

How far are the Dungeness Ruins?
1 mile South of Sea Camp.

How far is Plum Orchard Mansion?
7 miles North of Sea Camp.

How far is Stafford Beach Campground?
3.5 miles North of Sea Camp.

How far is Hickory Hill Campground?
5.5 miles North of Sea Camp

How far is Yankee Paradise Campground?
7.5 miles North of Sea Camp.

How far is Brickhill Bluff Campground?
10.5 miles North of Sea Camp.

How far is the First African Baptist Church?
14 miles North of Sea Camp.
How do I make camping reservations?
All camping reservations are made by creating an account on and searching "Cumberland Island National Seashore". Click this link to visit to make camping reservations.

Are there carts at Sea Camp?
Carts are available for rent from our concessioner for campers staying at Sea Camp Campground only.

Click this link to learn more about camping.
Can I hunt on the island?
There are six managed hunts held each year. Click this link to learn more about registration, rules, and regulations.

Can I fish?
Fishing is allowed within Cumberland Island National Seashore provided that all Georgia DNR licensing requirements are met and rules and regulations are followed. Click this link for more information on fishing.

Can I collect seashells?
Seashells can be collected as long as shells are unoccupied and non-living.

Where is the best place to look for shark teeth?
The best place to find shark teeth is along the main road, because it is graded with sand that has been dredged out of the sound.

Can I swim in the ocean?
Swimming is permitted but it is at your own risk because there are no lifeguards on the island.
Where can I see the horses?
Horses can be seen anywhere on the island, but most day visitors see horses by the Dungeness Ruins.

Can I feed/pet/ride the horses?
No, horses are feral and must be treated as such. Please keep a distance of at least 50 feet to avoid injury.

Do park employees feed and take care of the horses?
Feral horses are completely unmanaged. Staff complete a population count each year.

How did the horses get to the island?
They are non-native and are descendants of horses that were left by different groups of people over time.

How many horses are on the island?
There are an estimated 150-175 horses on the island.

Click this link to read more about feral horses on Cumberland Island.
Why are there so many dead horseshoe crabs on the beach?
Horseshoe crabs molt as they grow, so most of the shells that are seen on the beach are molts, not dead crabs.

When is sea turtle nesting season?
Sea turtle nesting season occurs from May through October each year. Click this link to learn more about sea turtles.
Is there a van tour on the island?
Our concessioner offers the Lands and Legacies Tour, an all-day guided van tour of the island for an additional fee.

Are there ranger programs at Sea Camp Ranger Station?
Rangers and volunteers give 30 minute programs daily at 4:00 p.m. on various topics.

When are Plum Orchard tours offered?
Plum Orchard tours are offered daily. Click this link for more information on tours and and the journey to Plum.

When are Dungeness tours offered?
Dungeness tours are offered on weekends when staff are available. Please ask a ranger about availability.

Are Dungeness and Plum Orchard tours free?
All ranger-led tours and programs are free, other than the Lands and Legacies tour which is operated by our concessioner.
Do rangers live on the island?
Some rangers live on the island and some go back and forth from the mainland.

What do I do if I have an emergency?
Dial 911 and tell the operator that you are on Cumberland Island.

Can we access the lighthouse on Little Cumberland Island?
No, the lighthouse is located on privately-owned land.

What is the wilderness area?
The wilderness area consists of over 9800 acres of congresionally protected land. This land is protected so that it will remain uninhabited, retain its natural character, and remain unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations. Click this link to read more about wilderness areas.

Last updated: January 15, 2020

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