Boating and Kayaking

Private Boating

Visitors are welcome to take their own boats to Cumberland Island. Please take time to read through the following rules and regulations.
  • All private boat docking is first come, first serve
  • Docking is permitted between the hours of sunrise and sunset; no overnight docking
  • Vessels must be under 25 feet
  • Visitors must still pay the park entry fee upon arrival, or have an America the Beautiful pass with them; self pay stations are available at each dock
  • Shore tying is acceptable; be aware of oyster beds and tidal changes
  • Boats with motors cannot be beached in the designated wilderness area; please familiarize yourself with the wilderness boundary on the park map
Map showing where private boaters can dock at Sea Camp
Private boaters can dock insider the Northern extension of the Sea Camp dock.


Where To Dock

There are currently three docks available for private boats: Dungeness, Plum Orchard, and Sea Camp. Note: Docking is available for day use. No overnight docking is permitted.
  • Docking is available at Sea Camp dock inside the Northern extension. (See graphic on this page)
  • Docking is available at Dungeness dock on the Northern extension.
  • All of Plum Orchard dock is available for private docking.
*Note: Plum Orchard dock will be closed to use during Managed Hunts and the annual Plum Orchard Christmas Tour.

A map of the island, complete with location coordinates can be found below.


Kayaking can be a great way to journey to the island. Kayakers often depart from Crooked River State Park to avoid battling the tide, but some paddlers will launch from St. Marys or Amelia Island as well. Tides are very strong around Cumberland Island, with a rise and fall of 6 to 9 feet twice a day.

All Kayakers, 16 or older, must pay the park entry fee or have an America the Beautiful pass with them. Fees can be paid on the island at self pay stations located at each dock, in person at the Mainland Visitor Center, online ahead of time, or over the phone by calling the park.

Be prepared for changing weather and surf conditions. Always check tides and weather before disembarking. A compass or GPS unit can aid in wayfinding.

Cumberland Island is located at the southern end of the Southeast Coast Saltwater Paddling Trail, an 800 mile trail found in the coastal waters of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Camping with a Kayak

Kayakers must make a reservation and have a printed permit with them when camping on Cumberland Island. For information on campgrounds and making reservations visit the Camping page.

Kayaks can be pulled ashore for camping at:
  • the trees just South of the Plum Orchard dock
  • behind the Sea Camp Ranger Station
  • in the Brickhill Bluff Campground

Map of Cumberland Island waterways with way finding coordinates
Wayfinding coordinates are marked for docks and campgrounds.


Last updated: November 11, 2023

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