The National Capital Region of the National Park Service hosted its 4th biennial conference, "Spotlight on National Park Resources", on March 26, 2008 in the auditorium at the Department of Interior in downtown Washington DC. The conference was sponsored and organized by the Urban Ecology Research Learning Alliance (UERLA), the Cultural Resources Advisory Team (CAT), and the Natural Resources Advisory Team (NAT).

The Spotlight on National Park Resources conference highlighted both resource management and research conducted in support of our cultural and natural resources during FY06 - FY07. Researchers and NPS staff presented their work which focuses on NCR parks’ efforts to understand and protect cultural and natural resources. "Spotlight on National Park Resources" strived to promote cross-disciplinary education for NPS staff, partners and interested public. The conference consisted of one day of oral presentations and a poster session.

Resources and Documents


  • Bair and Rio "Integrated Resource Management of Water Features in the National Mall & Memorial Parks"
  • Bies, Santucci, Swersky, and Virta "P.O. Box 1142: Uncovering the Secret History of Fort Hunt Park"
  • Greene, Carter, and Wenschhof "Hydrologic Characterization of the Karst Aquifer - Antietam National Battlefield"
  • Hammer "Gunsmithing at the U.S. Musket Factory: Archeological Perspectives"
  • Hatfield, Myrick, Huston, Weckerly, and Green "Comparison of Vascular Plant Species Richness and Vertebrate Species Richness in National Parks of the Eastern United States"
  • Johnson and Gates "Bat Communities at Abandoned Railroad Tunnels in Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park"
  • Lakeman and Edwards "Species Presence as Indicated by Scent Station Analysis in Prince William Forest Park, Triangle, VA"
  • Lawrey "Corticolous Macrolichens and Air Quality in the National Capital Region"
  • McShea, Bourg, and Stewart "Potential Synergy of Deer and Invasive Plants for Impacting Forest Plant Diversity"
  • Moss "Frederick Douglass's Cedar Hill: The Future of a Historic Landscape"
  • Orrence "A Grave Offense: The Looting of Mary Ohr's Gravesite at C&O Canal"
  • Potter "Antietam and the Archeology of Tactics"
  • Ries "Supplying the tools of civilization: Archeological Research at the Thomas Farm Blacksmith Shop"
  • Stevens "It Takes a Village: Four Locks"
  • Virta, Bies, James, and Santucci "Little taly and Quarry Working Along the Potomac River"